Thursday, March 15, 2012

Between Storms

 I thought I might have a 4 hour window between storms this morning so I headed out to the North Shore of Lake Camanche. I picked Camanche over the other lakes for one reason. I can park near where I'm fishing and if it started raining, I could load up quick and head out.

Got to the lake at 8:30 after a coffee stop at Starbucks. Set up two rods, one with Rainbow Power Bait and a dab of garlic and the other with Chartreuse Power Bait and a dab of sweet corn. Sometime during the hour I was there, I also swung all the colors of Kastmaster I had in the tackle box, but nothing there either.

I took some pictures of the incoming storm.

North Shore Boat Launch

Nobody but me

Across the lake

More across the lake
At 9:30 on the dot it started raining. So much for a 4 hour window. More like 1 hour. The first rain was a mist more that rain so I just went about my fishing business and ignored it. A little bit later it stopped and then started again, but this time a little bit harder. Half hour later it stopped and then started again harder still. This time it was enough to make the chair and my tackle box wet. I hung on for 15 more minutes and then packed up everything and left. The only fish I saw was one milling around on the surface down the lake a ways.

I took a picture of this pelican because it has that horn like bump on it's beak. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way, but they all have it. All the other pelicans I've seen over the years haven't had that horn thing. Weird enough to show you. 

The day didn't quite turn out the way I planned, but there's always next time. Till then.



  1. Contrasting skies, great photos.

  2. Hey Mark......I saw that Starbucks is going to be selling their own coffee machines for K Cups. That will give you more time on the water.

  3. nice to get out and smell the fresh air sometimes, fish or no fish. storms are cool and no matter how many ive seen, the always captivate me

  4. Mark
    Those are some mean looking thunderclouds, I hate to try fish and battle the weather at the same time.

  5. No fun trying to be a "fishing weatherman". You never know! I have had days with weather like this when the fishing was very good. Other times, just miserable! By the way, I am stumped on the Pelican, too!