Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Cooling For You

Back on the 9th, I did a little warming for you when it was cold. Today I'm doing a little cooling since most of you have been in the 80's this past week.

We had a little snow last night.

I hope that has made you feel better.



  1. Woke up to snow falling outside up my way today also. This was after an almost (60) degree day yesterday. Ya' never know. Also, enjoyed your pictures in Black and White. Kind of sets the scene well, Mark.

  2. Mark
    What contrast in weather, here today I was in shorts working in the yard sweating like a pig. I will be on the water tomorrow and sweating more but enjoying it.

  3. Hey that looks just like my chest freezer.
    Just to help warm you up. It was a balmy 90 today.
    Stay warm my friend

  4. what a rollercoaster of weather this year, strange