Monday, March 26, 2012


Comes in like a lion, goes out like a ....LION. We're expecting rain (must be all that was saved up from November, December, January, and February because we didn't get much during those four months) the rest of the week.

Supposed to go something like this: Tuesday, rain - Wednesday, rain - Thursday, rain - Friday, partly cloudy - Saturday, rain. And that, my friends, wraps up March.

You all know I don't do rain very well. Old guys tend to melt when they get wet. You know how sugar melts when it gets wet. OK, no sounds from the peanut gallery.  

Hopefully April will not be "April Showers bring May flowers", but April will bring some sun. I could do with a little dry ground since I have a bunch of trees to cut up.

Maybe I can slip out on Friday. I'll let you know if that happens.

My book is at the publishers. Any interest?



  1. If your book is about fishing, (what else could it be about?) I would be interested.

  2. Sugar? I thought salt.....
    I'm interested in your book.

  3. Not looking forward to the rain either! I'm interested in your book!

  4. Mark
    If it is fly fishing I am interested!!

  5. Mark, send some of that rain back east. We sure could use some.

  6. Mark, I would be first in line if you have a book coming out. Hope it has lots of pictures, I am a slow learner. Reader, too, for that matter!