Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Tenkara Monday

Yuki and I got to New Melones Lake at Tuttletown around 9:00 and didn't see any surface activity. I took my Tenkara rod down to the shore just in case. I set up one rod with Rainbow Power Bait and set up the Tenkara rod in hopes that there would be some fish feeding on the surface.

While I was waiting, there was a ripple here and there, but too far out to reach with the Tenkara. I couldn't see anything hatching and since it was so far out, I went back to the truck and got my fly rod with floating line. Yuki brought his fly rod too, so we added two feet of 4# tippet and a BWO spinner. I put on the CDC Para Spinner that I caught the last one on and was able to reach out to the area of the ripples, but catching one wasn't in the cards.

In between all this happening, I caught two (about 11" and 12") Rainbows on the Power Bait and Yuki caught one on my rod while I was down the shore chasing the ripples. This one was small (maybe 9") so we put it back for another day. All this happened by 9:30 or so. By Noon, having not gotten another bite we packed up and headed over to Glory Hole.

I wanted to try my new slip sinker rig, but it turned out not to be necessary. The egg sinker rig worked just fine. The first half hour produced one nice and frisky 12" rainbow for Yuki and broke the hex that has been on him since we started fishing together. What hex you ask? It's always been that when we fish together, I catch fish and Yuki catches his after I go home. Not yesterday.

We hung out until 2:15pm and called it a day. It was so nice that we both got a bit of a sunburn just sitting and shooting the bull. I think that unless there is a major hatch when I'm at the lake that Tenkara will be saved for the small streams when trout season when it opens the last Saturday in April.
A very nice day at the lake and this morning it's snowing. What ever happened to "it never rains in California?"

Till next trip.



  1. im sure the small streams is where the tenkara will really shine! no real distance to that thing?

  2. Great morning fishing. I have yet to catch anything on fly, although I try.

  3. Way to give the fly a shot.
    They'll rise for you next time.

  4. New Melones sounds like a good place to fish!! good job!

  5. Mark
    Looking forward to you report on the Tenkara, who knows you may help me make up my mind.

  6. Way to stay on those fish, Mark. Just wanted to add an "I hear ya" when talking about the weather. Patterns sure have been strange of late.