Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calm Before The Storm

Since I spent all day yesterday raking and burning pine needles (yes, it's that time of the year again) my aching body needed a rest. So what better way to rest than to go fishing.

Got out to Lake Camanche at 0900. Why 0900 rather than 0830 as is usually the "get to the lake" time? The way I go to the lake goes through the little town (Population 23 I think it said) of Buena Vista (also the home of the Buena Vista Band of Miwuk Indians). When you get to only stop sign, you have the option of going straight and turning on a certain road to the North Shore of Lake Camanche which is the way I usually go, or you can turn right (according to the sign) and go to the north shore that way. I decided to go to the right although I didn't plan on taking a tour of the farms and end up  back out to the main highway. I apparently missed the sign for the turn off to the lake.

Once I got back to the lake (or in this case, to the lake), I put one rod out with Rainbow Power Bait and the little Okuma with a brook trout Kastmaster. While the Power Bait soaked, I threw the brook trout, rainbow pink, the old rainbow pink (I still have it in my tackle box), silver/blue, and when I threw out the firetiger one I finally got a hookup. In fiddling around trying to find a place to get down to the water and get the net in position, I let the line go slack and the only fish of the day went on it's merry way. I think they call that a long distance release.       

Off and on during the rest of the morning, I had the other rod out with Power bait too, sometimes with rainbow or chartreuse, or pink and sometimes with sweet corn or anise or garlic scent, but the fish didn't seem to want PB of any flavor today.   

Storm Coming

I took a little picture of the incoming storm which is the main reason I was out today. If you follow the national news then you know we're expecting rain (and possibly snow at our elevation) over the next four days starting this afternoon. Since I rarely fish on the weekends (to many knot heads out there) this morning was my last chance this week, so I took it.

Not a terribly exciting report, but I did find out that Camanche plans to continue stocking until Mid-May or until the water gets to 70 degrees. That will work out well because the regular season opens on Saturday April 28th. Besides, once the water gets warm, the Copepods will be back. I can't wait to get the Tenkara rod out on one of those little creeks. Eighteen days and counting.

Till next time.



  1. I think you have to go all the way to 88 and then down to Liberty Rd to get to the N shore..You didn't miss a turn, there wasn't one. that sign has never made any sense. I was working on a ranch out there in high School and ran into Charles Bronsen of all people at that Buena Vista corner market/bar. I think he had a place in that area.

  2. Doesn't seem like we will ever get to a stretch of weather where we can count on good steady warm weather. Although, fishing can be great in and around stormy weather too. Looking forward to your Tenkara experience.

  3. Mark
    When the weather cooperates I am looking forward to your Tenkara trips--by the way we pay 4.00 a bale here for pine needles

    1. Hi Bill. I've got about 60,000 bales right now. Got an extra 1/4 million $$$$ laying around? I can deliver. LOL