Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mission Aborted

I had to do a couple of errands in town today so what better than to run out to Lake Amador and take another shot at what ever was snapping my line.

Got to the lake at 0845 after gas and coffee, rigged up my fly rod with a new 5X leader (9 ft), but no tippet. Put on my vest and tied on a size 10 (thought I'd better throw that in) Tungsten Bead Head Thinmint directly to the leader.  I worked the area to the left of the buoy's up and down 4 times and nary a run, hit, or Crappie. The wind was blowing enough that I couldn't see into the water even with polarized glasses so sight fishing was out of the question. After an hour and a half, my back was telling me to SIT. 

The Spillway
So I took up residence about where I took this picture from and put out one rod with Rainbow Power Bait and 1/4 oz Brook Trout Kastmaster on the little Okuma. Worked the Kastmaster along both sides of the buoy's and a fan across the lake. I did get one follow-up on the first cast inside the buoys, but that was it. I also did the same with a 1/4 oz Firetiger Kastmaster, but nothing there either.

After that little workout, I plopped my butt on my chair pad and put the other rod out with chartreuse Power Bait. Quiet, nothing, reeled in and put out Power Bait with a little Pro-Cure sweet corn. Reeled in the other rod and put out chartreuse with a sweet corn. Still nothing, so I reeled in one rod and put fresh rainbow Power Bait and a little Sweet Corn and tossed it out down the buoy line to about the third buoy. Wasn't but a couple of minutes and I hooked the one below.

Before I landed it, I asked the nice people next to me if they wanted it. A yes or no answer would produce a different effect. A no and I would have cut the line and let it go. A yes and I get a photo and weight. They opted for yes and you can see from the photo, 4 lbs 15oz. on the handy dandy Berkeley Digital Scale. They'll be having trout for dinner tonight. 

4lbs. 15 oz
Before I pulled out, I put a little white Crappie jig on my Okuma and did another up and back along the buoys, but zip. Then off to do my errands.

Maybe early next week I'll take another shot at the spillway with my fly rod and see if I can find that elusive fish. Stay tuned.



  1. Replies
    1. Mark, thank you so much for the trout today!! we have it on the bbq right now. Can't wait to eat it. Nancy Grellas

  2. Sounds like the fish, in general, were pretty dormant. I guess I don't really need to tell you that, though. Very nice "Bow"! Sounds like you gained some new fans for your blog with your generosity.

  3. Nice fish Mark. I haven't kept a fish in many years, but I'm getting hungry now for some trout. Thanks!

  4. Mark
    You deserve this catch ---after some of the trips you been on lately. Good for you!!!

  5. Great looking trout, Mark! Good job! It's always good to hook up the folks around you with a fish you caught when they don't catch any. nice little ego boost! haha