Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Update

I'm sitting on our screened porch out back, it's 82 degrees and the sun is shining. I'm looking at trees, the pond, and watching a gray squirrel here and there. Life in Northern California.

How about that Yankees/Red Sox game yesterday. Yankees came back from being down 9-0 in the 5th to win the game 15-9. Damn good game.

Book update: I've approved what they call the Interior Galley and the Cover Galley. The Interior Galley is the book itself and the Cover Galley is the front and back covers for hardback and paperback. Electronic version should be available about a week. Once I know for sure, I'll tell you the name and where to find it if you wish to get it electronically. I will be getting the author copies (1 hardback and 1 paperback) in about two weeks. Then when I get the rest, I'll let you know. I still have a few things to finish before I'm ready to rock and roll, but should be ready when the books arrive. As soon as I know when to expect them, I'll give a shout for names and addresses for those that are brave enough to want one.

Tuesday I'm off to Rancho Seco Lake to try the new poppers I got from J and M Flies. They arrived n Friday's mail and they look Fantastic. Temperature is supposed to be 78 with high clouds so it should be  great day to launch the Float Tube Cumberland and do a little popping.

Saturday (the 29th) is the opening of the general trout season and I'm off to Angels Creek with both my fly rod and Tenkara rod. Should be a fun day.   

Bloggers new look: Years ago, when I was still working, upper management made us take a class called "Adapting to Change". It's now become a good saying for changes like the one Blogger keeps making. "It's a good thing we took the Adapting to Change class or we would never be able to adapt". Change, like death and taxes, is inevitable. Somebody always has a "better mouse trap".

And no, I'm not starting weekly thing.  

Till next time.



  1. That game against the Yankees has set off a whole bunch of events here in Boston. If the Red Sox don't start winning soon, then they are going to have a mutiny on their hands. Talk radio hosts and listeners are going crazy. It is getting ugly. Fortunately the Bruins won and are alive until at least this Wednesday.

  2. Adapting to change...easy...when the change is my idea. When it is someone else s idea, not so.

  3. That was not a game, it was a disgrace. A total joke.
    As Ed said if they don't wake up the fans will wake them up with a lot of empty seats.

  4. Mark
    Looking forward to the new popper report. Thanks for sharing