Saturday, May 26, 2012

American River Pictures

Back from my Granddaughter's graduation. Tomorrow they are off to San Francisco for the day and Monday morning she's off to Europe. Wow, they grow up fast.

OK, check this out. I got the replacement parts for my Tenkara rod in the mail today. I broke it on Wednesday and got the replacements on Saturday. How's that for Customer Service? Having spent 40 years in Customer Service, I'd call that Superb. 

Here is a picture of the Shad flies I got, I think two years ago. I started out with six of each and since I've not caught a Shad on my fly rod, you can see how many the bushes have eaten.

Shad Flies
OK, now on to the only exciting thing that happened Yesterday. I've watched the geese all year and this is the first time I've seen the family. Mom, Dad, and 3.0 baby gooses or maybe geeses.

Goose Family

That's it for today. Next stop, Tenkara what ever day I get out to the creek up the hill. First stop is the pool where I caught the Rainbow by the tail.

Till then.



  1. Those are some cute little buggers...the flies and the geese.

  2. From memory shad are not fussy, but flash they are suckers for.
    Those flies have it.

    1. Can you convince them of that? I sure can't.