Monday, May 21, 2012

Annular Eclipse

A tour through the Annular Eclipse. The best spots would have been Eureka, California, Redding, California, or Reno Nevada. These shots are from around Dunnigan, California. 

5:19 pm

5:53 pm

5:54 pm

5:55 pm

6:02 pm
6:25 pm

These shots from my front yard.

6:02 pm
6:25 pm


6:05 pm


6:14 pm

6:16 pm

6:21 pm

6:23 pm

6:24 pm

6:27 pm

6:48 pm
This is what the Eclipse looks like through the trees and on the side of the house.

OK, that's it for the Eclipse. Tomorrow I'll be doing a post on Middle Bar Bridge and my new net.