Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Was Blown Away

I just read a post over on Howard's blog WDSTK 3 Handcrafted Lures that was a translation of a an article called "The House of the Fisherman in Russia".

That instantly brought to mind what happened a week ago (OK, I'm a little slow looking at this kind of stuff). On my Stats page (and I don't know if everyone's the same as mine) there is a tab called audience. I know I have followers around the world, as many of us do, but I wasn't aware of where they all come from until I looked at this stat.

It's called "Pageviews by country" and this is how mine breaks out.

United States, then Russia, then Germany, followed by the Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, Spain (Hi Carlos), UK, Japan, and finally Malaysia (Hi Mizlan).

I know there is a language barrier between countries, but I want to say Thank You to those, from all the countries across the globe, that stop by. I am honored that you read what I write.



  1. Hey Mark....Russia seems to be my second largest audience also.

  2. Blogger
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    That's what got me interested about fishing in Russia. Two sites from Russia are in my top 4 traffic sources according to my Google Stats. I used a program called Babel Fish (Yahoo) to translate. The top site is dedicated to Carp fishing. Lots of pictures of huge Carp on that site. I've had comments in Russian but have dumped them...I think I have mistaken them for spam but I'll be able to translate them now. I might be missing out on some interesting correspondence.

  3. I find eastern Europe likes our blogs.

  4. Mark
    I can't translate the language of some of the individuals who join my blog. I try to join up with them as well but I haven't a clue as to what they are writing about. I guess they think I speak a number of different languages--go figure????

  5. I use Google translate and it works well for any language.

  6. Canada, Germany, Uk

    thats my top 3 outside the US