Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miserable, I Tell Ya.

An Upcountry, update of sorts. I wanted to see what the lakes up the hill looked like so I took a little drive this morning. I'll start at the top. 

 First stop was Red Lake. As you can see below, a little hard to fish between the ice bergs.

Red Lake at the dam

I drove to the other side of the lake which was pretty much open, but as I drove in over this snow pile and that snow pile, it started to get a bit mushy and being the only one within a ten mile radius, decided I'd be safe rather than sorry. Even though I do have 4 wheel drive, one can still get stuck.

Next stop was Caples Lake. Still iced over for the most part. A little open water at a few of the edges, but not enough to get anything out more than a few feet.

Corner of the dam at Caples

Across the dam at Caples
I stopped at the spillway on the road side. The sandy side that I like to fish was still buried under snow. You can see that in the last picture. A good sized piece of open water so I grabbed a couple of rods and climbed down the rocks to the edge.

Caples at the spillway
I parked in the area between these two pictures and put out one rod with Rainbow Power Bait and one with chartreuse Power Bait and a little Anise which is normally good in Caples.

To the right of the shot above

As I sat, the weather deteriorated as the minutes went by. I had hopes of getting in a little fishing time before the awaited (by whom I don't know) storm arrives, but it was not to be. The longer I sat, the cloudier and windier it got, to a point I finally packed up and headed down hill. As I was putting my gear in the truck, the wind blew the door shut and almost me with it. I estimate maybe 25 mph. and gusting higher.

Just before leaving I took this shot for Ed. Caples Lake is at the 7800 ft elevation. Still a good amount of snow up there. You can see the sandy side where I like to fish. Can't? It's right there under the snow.

Another for Ed.
Next stop was Silver Lake (elevation 7261 ft.). Lake was ice free, but very windy and cold.

Final stop was Bear River Reservoir. Lake is ice free and almost full. The gate to the dam is still closed and I didn't feel like a Cardio walk this morning so I passed. Besides the storm was coming.

Still waiting for the books to get here and as soon as they do, I'll give everybody a shout.

Till next time.



  1. Mark
    Great images of some outstanding places to trout fish. It is hard to believe you guys still have snow. The humidity here is already bad.

  2. Hey Mark....I love the pictures but don't get hurt!

    What the heck is the temperature there?

    1. Hi Ed. We're running in the high 50's at our elevation. Probably low 40's on the top of the hill. Couple that with 20-25 mph wind and it's A bit chilly, but by no means as cold as I've seen it up there.


  3. Man, what a fishingman goes through to get a fix. Oh wait, that's what Roderick Hawg-Brown would say. I'm blown away that you are still fighting frozen lakes.

  4. I thought I was reading a post from March.
    That's extreme.

  5. got a few more weeks to go to get that cap off some of those lake, sure would be some hard casting right there ;)

  6. Beautiful pictures. Here in the south, the winter was unseasonably warm, however, last week it snowed a few inches in the Great Smoky Mountains.