Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mokelumne River

Book Update: I talked to the publisher a few minutes ago and they want me to look at the two books I'm getting and make sure there are no errors. They should be here tomorrow or Thursday and as soon as I look them over, I'm to call and they will send out the ones for you guys. So, keep your fingers crossed, maybe another week and I'll have them in my paws and can get them out to you. 

Took a drive to the Upper Mokelumne (water temperature 53 degrees) to give it a try with my fly rod. I started at the spot where you can park by the first outhouse. Walking down to the water, I picked up a golf tee laying on the side of the road. What is it with me, golf balls, golf tees, and fishing? I was able to wade knee deep and reach across the river. On the 5th or 6th swing of a Thin Mint, I got a bump. That was it for that area. I did change to a black WB and then an olive WB, but no more interest.

Standing downstream of a log, I noticed something shiny on the back side and found this Rapala that someone lost. Normally I would put this on my window sill with the other "found" stuff, but I think I'll put this one in my tackle box. It was not lost very long ago.

Rapala something

Then I moved to the day use area at what I call the top. Last year, if you will recall, I tried this spot when the fish were surface feeding and I couldn't get a bite to save my life. This time I went in with my waders on so I could get all the way across the river. Guess what? Still couldn't get a bite to save my life.

I packed up and headed back downstream in search of a hole to fish. I found a nice one and swung a Thin Mint, WB in black and olive, and two of the flies I got from David Swart, but to no avail.

At the truck, when I was moving to the next hole, I snapped a picture of the California Poppy (California State Flower), a sure sign of summer.
California Poppies
I also snapped a shot of this poison Oak right above the truck. Itching yet?

Poison Oak
Nothing at any of the other holes I tried, but there are fish in those waters. I just have to find where they are hiding.  

On the way back into town I decided to take a look at the Middle Bar Bridge and see what was going on. Remember, I was there in January and watch the deer run across the river. Not today, a good 6 to 8 foot deep at the bridge. I parked in the lot and tried to get a shot of a pair of Swallows (you know the kind that return to San Juan Capistrano each year), but they wouldn't sit still long enough. The picture below is their nest they are building. In the little dip in the middle is where they will lay the eggs. The Swallow is a protected species in California.   

Not crap on the outhouse
So after I got done playing with the birds, I walked out on the bridge just a this gentleman hooked up. 

Fish On
Snapped a shot with the fish on the bridge. It was about 11 inches.

Fish on the bridge
And a shot of of him with his limit. Being the gentleman he was, he had 5 and was heading home unlike those at Angels Creek the night before and on opening day.

That's a limit
On Thursday, I'm going to meet Don (Roy, my neighbor's son) and we're going to do some bait dunking at the bridge. I'll let you know how that goes. 

That's it for today. Till next time.



  1. Mark
    Rest a sure that Rapala had hook a few fish, that has to be one of the best top water lures on the market. Let me know when the book is ready.

  2. That river is a good trout stream.... maybe next time try a Muddler, its been working.

  3. Those are some crazy good pictures up there. Looks mountainous. Where exactly is this river that tuu fished?

  4. Last post, tuu was error, should have been you. Likewise followed!

    1. Hi Anthony. Welcome aboard. The area is just outside Jackson, California at an elevation of about 1200 ft. What we consider the foothills.


  5. Hey Mark....I have one of those lures and have some nice hits on it.

    I am glad you explained that bird nest picture because it sure looked like something else.

  6. How many Rapalas do I still have after all these years. They are the dependable lures built to last. I can't wait to get the book. I'm excited for you.

  7. What time of the year can you Trout fish in the Mokelumne River?

    1. From the Middle Bar bridge, all year. North of Highway 49, during the general trout season (last Saturday in April until November 15th.


  8. Thanks Mark, I Live near Galt and was not sure what time of the year it was ok to fish, fishing season and when and when not to use barbless hooks has always confused me a little. Great forum here! Thanks again. See you all out there:-)