Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Roy and Don and Me

Book Update: I've gotten the two author copies of the books and I've decided that the original price I listed ($24.99 Hardback and $15.99 Paperback) is too much. It seems that the publisher bases the selling price on a specific number of pages is a certain price. So, those that have given me orders, I hope will be pleased to find out I've lowered the price to $15.00 for the Hardback (this includes that little amount for Jerry Brown) and $10.00 for Paperbacks (including a little for Jerry). Postage and handling will be minimal as I've set it up for a flat rate across the country. The books will still be a week or two out (they are mighty slow printing them), but when they get here, I'm ready to get them right out. I'll send you a heads up email with the total cost and follow it up with a PayPal invoice. Thanks for bearing with me through this initial period.

Now on to fishing.   

Picked up Roy and Don at 0730 and headed to Bear River Reservoir with the usual stop at Cooks Station for coffee. Got to Bear at 0800 and put out lines. Nothing we tried produced anything. Worms under a bobber, lures, Power Bait on the bottom, nothing. Skunk x 3.

Next stop Silver Lake. Again, nothing worked and God knows we tried everything. Again skunk x 3. 

At 1130 we stopped at the Kirkwood Inn & Saloon for burgers all around. Good place to stop for lunch if you're in the area. Nice country atmosphere and good food. 

Just down the street (Highway 88) a mile or so is Caples Lake. Stopped at the dead tree area we fish a lot and once again skunk x 3. Does this skunk have anything to do with Don not getting a cup of coffee this morning? Hmmmm.

Once I get back from Sacramento tomorrow, I'll post the pictures from today. I had already started this post before I left this morning and didn't want to fiddle around with moving the pictures up and down and trying to get them lined up and all that crap.    

Pictures tomorrow. 



  1. I hope you're going to post photos of the burger and refreshment. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm looking forward to the book.

  2. Mark
    Get those poppers on the water and what happens--I will keep checking for the book.

  3. Awaiting the pictures. I agree with Howard. Hope they involve less skunk, more food.

  4. Mark, that's an awful lot of skunk. I'm with you on the coffee theory.

  5. As long as the burgers are good, you're not really skunked!