Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tenkara - WOW

Headed out at 0730 and stopped at Cooks Station for coffee. Can't break the superstition. Got to the Cosumnes River at Cat Creek Rd. at 0800. It's not very far from home. Wadered up, got my vest on, and took my Tenkara rod AND my fly rod with floating line, just in case. If I had another disaster like last time, I was not going to walk all the way back to the truck.

I started in the pool just below the one by the bridge. You can see it in the picture on the bottom. 

Wasn't long before this first little brown was brought to hand. FIRST FISH EVER ON A TENKARA ROD. 

Tenkara catch #1
But was that it? By no means was it the only one. The second one was this little Rainbow.

Catch #2
Followed by this brown. Check the red coloring on the back fin. First one I've seen with this good color.

#3 Check the color
Fish #4 was this Rainbow taken on an orange Stimulator. Hell, they'd bite anything.

By now, the newness of catching on the Tenkara rod was wearing off, well not so much the catching as the photographing every fish so I put the camera away. Don't think I didn't appreciate the little guys hitting everything I put into the water, but after four I figured you'd get the idea.

I hit one pool a ways down the creek, by the way I was fishing down stream which is contrary to all dry fly fishing rules and regulations, and I had one hit, well let me explain. The orange stimulator in the picture above was floating with the current and I could see the fish had a bead on it. I could see the fish homing in on the fly. I started to lift the rod for the hook set and I could see him take the fly and then I could see him swimming away without the fly. Quick little buggers they are.

OK, so why the picture of fish #6? This little guy, when I hooked him, gave me a two foot aerial jump out of the creek. Wish I would have had that on video, but well, humans only have two hands. He also granted me a couple of other aerial jumps, but not like the first one.  

I could have walked the creek again and probably added to the six I caught, two I lost at my feet, and dozen or so that I missed the hook set on, but about 2 1/2 hours of rocks hopping is all that my body will handle. Not to worry, they will be there the next time. I think I'll try PIPI Valley next. Same creek, just further downstream. 

So, am I hooked on Tenkara. You bet. I can't say I had too much fun today because the song says "You can't have too much fun" or for that matter, too much money, but I'll never know about that, but any way you drive it, it was a ball. For all you small stream guys, I took this picture for you. It's the pool under the bridge and the one in the middle toward the top is where I started. 

Middle Fork of the Cosumnes
Can't wait to do it again.

Till next time, and as always, thanks for stopping by.



  1. That looks like a nice place to hide from the world and catch some nice fish.

    Well done and congratulations.

  2. Mark,
    That's real fishing.
    Those are some beautiful wild fish.
    Well done.

  3. Nice going Mark. I'm anxious to try it as well although I've never give up my reels.

  4. Congrats on breaking through on Tenkara. Looks very interesting to me...

  5. Heh heh...welcome to the dark side.

  6. up until that last shot i was looking for the picture of a creek in your neck of the woods, stunning.

    cant wait to see some more ;)

    1. Next week I'll be on another section of the same creek. Pictures to follow.

  7. Hey, Mark, been awhile since I have had time to commit to any blog reading. Looks like I missed a number of very good posts on your blog as well as all the others I try to follow. I am slowly getting back in the groove and will be a regular contributor to the comment section here. Looks like the Tenkara bug has bit you big time. A day like you had is all it takes to get totally addicted. Congratulations!

  8. Beautiful area and fish. Congrats on the first Tenkara catches; they can become quite addicting.

  9. Mark
    Congrats on Tenkara catch, just like you I would be hook from now on. I am still thinking about getting the Tenkara, just haven't convinced myself I really need it as of yet--by the way I got the book, but been too busy fishing out of state to take a look. Can't wait to get started reading it. Thanks for sharing a great trip.

  10. Mark, I will be trying tenkara for the first time in two weeks. I have been kind of chuckling inside as I hear more and more about it! I just can't see myself not having a reel. But, I am one to try anything once! Hope to show fish pictures too, if I'm as lucky as you... :)