Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My New Blog

I've been a wood worker for many, many years. Back in the 80's I quit my job with the idea I was going to own my own business and make a fortune. I had been doing craft shows on weekends now and then and felt I had a good product. So the plan and you know I always have a plan, was to do the 8 to 5, 5 days a week making my product and selling at craft shows. HA. It was more like 14 hours a day 7 days a week, BUT I did make a bunch of money.

Then one day while I was in the Bay Area (that's San Francisco Bay Area) my former employer called me and offered me my job back with all the demands met, that they had refused when I left and all benefits restored. Now I was back to 8 to 5, 5 days a week and I was only working at my business for the remainder of the craft season.

Fast forward to the present. When I retired in 2006 I thought I'd take up the craft business again since I had all this spare time on my hands. I made  up a bunch of planters, that had sold so well at craft shows, and then started searching for shows. Well, I kind of jumped the gun because the show promoters that I wanted to show with weren't in business anymore. Guess the economy got them too. So I packed the planters away and left them for another day.

I decided to launch my new website this week and put all those planters out there for sale. Let me give you a little explanation of what they are. They are made of pine wood and they come in many designs. I have four basic designs, the Cabin, the Church, the School, and the Outhouse. Since these are basic designs I wanted to note that I own the patents on these four designs from my previous business. Why do I mention this? Just so somebody doesn't see these and say, "Wow I could build and sell these".

From that point, the planters are all custom in nature. One of a kind, if you will. The other nice thing is that with custom planters, the sky if the limit. You have an idea, I can probably make a planter to match.

I'm starting with the four basic planters posted one a day this week and then I'll post the custom ones from then on. They make unique gifts for someone you want give a gift that they won't find any where but at Mark's Original Wood Planters,

Even if you are only browsing today, the planter you see (or an idea you have for one) might be just the right present for that special person. Come on over and take a peek.    


  1. wow, those are sharp "shoreman" ;)

  2. That's a pretty neat design , don't blame you at all for being protective of your patent :)

    It seems like your talents are great and varied Mr. Shoreman!

  3. P.S. - I'd love to buy you a cold drink sometime and talk fishing , writing , and woodworking. Always a pleasure reading what you post here and your comments on my blog.