Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tenkara - Roy

Have you ever seen such a stressed out cat? This is Jasmine.

Life of Riley
I picked up Roy (my neighbor) at 0730 and after a coffee stop at Cooks Station we were on the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes at Cat Creek Rd by just after 0800. Today was Tenkara initiation day for Roy. We wadered up and walked down to the pool below the pool where I've had good luck in the past.

I set up the Tenkara Iwana with the orange stimulator (reasonable facsimile) and after a few practice casts, turned Roy loose. I hung close and gave him some pointers about holding the tip up so only the fly was touching the water, what a "dead drift" was and how to go about it. A little roll cast instruction. you know, stuff like that and what parts of the creek to find the fish. 

Roy scoping out the pool
It wasn't long before the first rainbow came to hand. Notice the waders? Water temp 50.4 degrees. A might chilly for wet wading.

Roy's first fish Tenkara
After he was feeling pretty confident, I went back to the truck and got my fly rod with floating line just to hit a couple of spots that a little far for the Tenkara rod. We caught one here and one there and steadily worked our way down the creek. It got to the point where he was calling the bites. OK, it's going to bite now and damn if it didn't. When we got to the last hole I told Roy that we were going to have to sneak up on them since the sun was hitting the water pretty good.   

Making like a tree?
We managed 4 apiece on a section of river that was about a half mile long and missed a bunch. It's a little different than just chucking out some Power Bait and letting the fish gobble it.

This little bug landed on my arm and if any of you entomology experts out there can tell me what it is (so I don't have to look it up, lazy slug that I am) I'd appreciate knowing. Also note Roy (in the background) had a proper hold on the Tenkara rod with the line properly wrapped on the spool.

Bug of some kind
Well, that was Roy's introduction to Tenkara. He had a good time, caught some and lost some, but I don't think he'll be running out any time soon to drop a couple hundred on a Tenkara rod. That's OK, I mean it's not like he doesn't just live next door.

Now I have to decide where I'm going on Thursday. Brave the heat and fish for Shad on the American or take a drive up to the West Fork of the Carson River and fish Tenkara. Guess I'll have to let you know.

Till next time.



  1. I don't know Shoreman but it looks like you may have the life of Riley, too. I enjoyed the post.

  2. I think more accurately, Mark has the life of Shoreman!

  3. "Brave the heat..." Send a little of that my way. Seems like we have just two seasons per year...winter and August.

  4. American river shad sounds great, I've been looking forward to the follow up. Nice to see tenkara Roy got initiated into the club

  5. That Tenkara stuff still has me thinking "Maybe". Looks like fun, though, and isn't that what fishing is supposed to be. Double clicked the photo of the "bug" to get a better look at it. Not sure I know!

  6. It's great to see you fishing with the fly. Tenkara is probably the simplest form of fly angling.
    The river is sweet.
    A word or two about the Life of Riley, I remember that tv show.

  7. tenkara sounds interesting. Looks like roy got it down pretty well. Good luck with shad fishing. i have to try it myself!