Monday, July 16, 2012

I Am Such A Bonehead

OK, so we left on Friday Morning with the intention of a casual drive over to the coast. I'm going to jump forward to us getting there and me getting ready to tell you all about the drive over. I fire up the computer, log in to Google with my email address and go to my desktop to get my password. My password is on a shortcut Excel spreadsheet that is on our "F" Drive back at home. "I'm sorry, you can  not be connected to this spreadsheet". Now understand this password (and the reason it's on a spreadsheet) is because it has all kinds of weird characters. Capitals, exclamation marks, asterisks, numbers, lower case letters, and what not. There is no way I can remember this password and at that time there was no way to access it.

So, I couldn't post until I got home. I couldn't comment on anybody's blog. I couldn't access anything that is on the external "F" drive. I was dead in the water.  The most I could do is read everybody's blogs and that was it.

So, let me bring you up to date on what occurred on Friday. The scenic route we picked was highway 128 off Interstate 505. This is the road that takes you to Putah Creek which runs out of Lake Berryessa. OK, I know that probably doesn't mean a lot, but let me put it in perspective.

Heard of Creedence Clearwater Revival? Heard of Green River by CCR? Here, go out and take a listen. . Putah Creek is the Green River in this song. Putah Creek = Big Trout. Did I stop to fish? Nope. Did I stop to take pictures? Nope. I planned to stop on the way back through and take pictures. Didn't go that way on the way back. On this one you'll just have to take my word for it that the river and lake are gorgeous.

We went through such famous towns as Calistoga (famous for its mud baths), Boonville which has it's own language called Boontling.Here is an example: "It's bahl hornin'," which means "It's good drinkin'", and Navarro River Redwoods State Park. More about that later.

Google Maps said about 5 hours to get to Mendocino. It turned out to be more like 7 1/2, but we made it. Remember we took the scenic route. Left the house in 91 degrees and landed in Mendocino at 55 degrees and foggy.  

We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast called the Headlands Inn. The room was called the Headlands Hideaway. Separate from the main building, very secluded, and quiet. Here's a couple of shots in and around the room.
Entry door to our room

Patio outside the room


Flowers around the patio

More flowers around the patio
Dinner was fresh Snapper for me and Prawns for Katherine followed by Carrot Cake for dessert at the Mendocino Cafe.

Tomorrow I'll post about Saturday and wine tasting.



  1. Looks like you had a neat hideaway for your stay. Relaxing and seeing the country side is well worth some headaches. Looking forward to more!

  2. the headlands hideaway looks like a great place to forget you cant access the computer

  3. Mark
    I am glad someone is able to get away and enjoy, my wife is still working and we are still homebound. Thanks for sharing

  4. We need a photo of Mark and the Missus enjoying the good life!