Friday, July 20, 2012

I Had To Answer This Question

This from Tim over at Old Man River OR (

"Does not compute. Mark you say you're on vacation, yet you're not fishing? I don't understand. ;)"

I had to answer this so everyone could see.

OK, I was near Putah Creek one of the finest fisheries in Northern California WITH my fly rod and Tenkara rod and I didn't fish. Why, you ask? I was being a good and loving husband and on our anniversary vacation weekend. I just couldn't drag my wife down to the creek in 90+ degree weather so I could stand in the river waving a stick.

OK, I was near the Navarro River where, I assume a lot of guys were fishing, with my fly rod and Tenkara rod in the car. I just couldn't drag my wife down to the creek in 55 degree and foggy weather so I could stand in the river waving a stick.

I can't claim a senior moment that was five days long, can I? Probably not.
I had intentions of wetting a line because I wouldn't have had my rods in the car otherwise, but didn't because I felt guilty? I doubt it.
It was too cold and foggy? No different than any winter in Northern California.
It was too hot? No different than any summer in Northern California. 

The real reason I didn't fish and I get to fish any time I want and as much as I want. I just wanted to spend our anniversary weekend with my best friend of 15 years with no distractions, even though I did sneak out a few minutes watching the guy fishing for crabs. Hey, it was something I might have  needed for a post. Man's got to know his limitations.



  1. Hey Mark.....Happy Anniversary.

  2. Hey Mark, I applaud you for your consideration. That's what makes a happy marriage. Cheers...

  3. Sometimes you gotta make the boss happy. Congats.

  4. Making some of us look bad! Just kidding..Navarro is closed and Putah is Putah. Usually stingy but gives up a donkey bow once in a while. BUT Ive caught a good number of Lings and Cabazone off those rocks. Also some excellent Surf Perch fishing in that area. Enjoyed your vacation post. Did you check out the Pygmy Rewood Forest?? Its a pretty cool diversion and worth the visit.

  5. Glad to have given you something to write about. I hope your wife reads this blog...

  6. The other day i joined a fishing group on facebook and wrote that I don't fish as much as i used to. well, since facebook tells everybody what you say, sure enough my wife read it and when i got home, i was questioned, lol. I told her, its not that "she didn't let me fish anymore," it's that my interests are now divided. Before it was me and fishing, now its me and my wife and fishing and I would rather spend time with my wife sometimes instead of going fishing. I completely understand you. if fishing is more important than a man's wife, he needs to check his priorities.