Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Picnic

I've been talking off and on with Ray Mutter the Programs Director for the Amador Flyfishers. A local club of fly fishermen and fisherwomen. Ray had been reading my articles in the Ledger Dispatch and when he found one that had my email address, we started corresponding.

Well, Ray, Tom (another member) and I met at the local donut shop a couple of weeks ago and discussed this and that and one of the things we talked about was me doing a presentation on small stream fishing in Amador and El Dorado (neighboring county) Counties. I agreed and was set up for the June 2013 meeting.     

During our discussions he also invited me to their annual picnic. He and Tom picked me up at Cooks Station this morning and we drove over Carson Pass to Indian Creek Reservoir. I've been by there on many occasions because it's on the way to the East Fork of the Carson River, but have never stopped. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. So not only did I have a picnic to attend (hamburgers, chili, and sodas), but an ulterior motive as well. Scope out the lake.  

The Gang
The Lake to the left
The Lake to the right
The food was good, the company excellent, and other than the fact that I didn't bring one fishing rod with me (on purpose), a very enjoyable day. The elevation at Indian Creek is 5600 feet and about the same as Bear River Reservoir (5850 feet) , but it seems more dry and desolate than Bear. According to the group, fishing was slow, but they were not discouraged and on their way back out (in float tubes) when we left.

I'm sure you'll be hearing more about Amador Flyfishers in the future so stay tuned.



  1. Cool. Looking forward to learning more about Amador Flyfishers.

  2. Hey looks like you may have found a new place to fish and some new friends. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  3. Mark its a picnic.....where's the food.

  4. spreading the fishing love all over the northern part of Cali I see, kudos