Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tenkara Comes To Sacramento

Talking to one of the guys on the Tenkara Forum I found out that Fly Fishing Specialities in Citrus Heights now stocks Tenkara. Of course as soon as discovered this I had to run  down and spend some $$$$$. I love this shop, but as locations go, they are on the other side of the world from me, but in this case I made the drive.

I needed to replace my traditional line, but Tenkara USA has been out of stock for a while. Instead of running down there and finding they too were out of stock, I called first. "Plenty in stock" and I'm off.

They've got a complete line of rods, lines, and flies. If you're local, go over and check it out. They're at 6360 Tupelo Dr. #A off Interstate 80 at Antelope Dr. Phone # 916-722-1055.

No, I didn't get paid or did they provide me with anything free to put this up here. I just wanted you to know where you could go to find Tenkara in Sacramento.


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  1. Mark
    I met a guy the other day at the tailrace that was fishing Tenkara. He told me he uses nothing else. I watched him fish with it and actually saw him land a trout high sticking. He had the 11ft. I am still in the thinking mode with this rod, but after watching him it moved me closer to purchasing one. My only concerned is would I use it enough to justify the purchase.