Thursday, July 12, 2012


 I met my son at 0800, half way between our houses for a quick breakfast this morning at a very nice little cafe we hadn't tried before. With him you have to take them when you can get them.

The reason for the quick breakfast, I had loggers coming at 1000 to drop six trees. Yours truly is just getting too old for that kind of entertainment. They got here right on time. The first three were dropped off to the right of his truck. I stayed out of the way. These pictures were taken from about 200 feet away.

Tree number 4
Let's drop it that way
Perfect. Exactly where we wanted it
Let's make a little dust
OK, that one goes there
Almost ready to go

Here it goes
Big tree dropped in the right spot
They dropped all six in less than 45 minutes and put them where I have easy access to them. Now all the hard work begins. Bucking (cutting all the limbs off), measuring for the right length, cutting them into rounds for splitting, moving them to the splitter, and then splitting and stacking the wood.

But, it will have to wait until I get back from vacation. Way too hot to be doing any manual labor today. I suspect it will be right at 100 here today and just walking around taking pictures this morning made me sweat or maybe it was watching them work that did it.

Disclaimer: This was done by professionals on a closed course, don't try this at home. Oh hell, if you want to go ahead, just don't let the tree fall on you, but I didn't tell you to.    

Next post is from the coast. A little poetry there. No not another career. Stay tuned.



  1. what type of trees are those?

    1. Hi Blake. I have basically 4 types on my property. Pine, fir, Oak, and Cedar. The six I had cut were Cedar.


  2. Hey Mark, next time you need some trees cut call my wife. She can drop a tree on a dime. Better give yourself just a wee bit more room than 200'.

  3. That lumber would make one hell of a fly tying desk.