Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yearly Fishing Trip With Glenn

I pulled out of the house at 0715 and after coffee at Cooks Station picked up Glenn at the Bear River Resort Campground. Our target was the Silver Fork of the American River at the 12 mile (actually I think it's 8 or 9 miles, but what who cares) bridge. Once we arrived and scoped the river we decided to fish upstream from the bridge.

Glenn got right into the 58 degree water and started with his fly rod and floating line. I'm not sure what fly he was using. He had a couple of fly boxes and a bunch of flies.
Glenn at the Beginning
 I worked my way upstream and fishing with a green stimulator landed this little rainbow. I was fishing my Tenkara rod, but dragged along my fly rod just in case.

Little Rainbow on Green Stimulator
As it usually happens, you have to fight the line back out to top guide because the water grabs the line and pulls it back through the tip.

The Line Fight
I gave him the Tenkara to try, but after a short period of time decided he like his rod better.

Glenn With Tenkara
We worked our way upstream maybe a half mile and I landed just the one, but Glenn brought four to hand. Must have been because he was standing in the middle of the creek. The further upstream we went, the harder stream access got so we decided to move to another spot with better access. We went down the road to another place I knew, but ran into some logging equipment blocking the road so we did a U-turn and tried a feeder stream up the street from 12 mile bridge. Unfortunately it was fishless probably because it was rather shallow. Once again in the truck we drove back out to the main road and headed to the North Fork of the Cosumnes at Caps Crossing. 

I picked the spot where I fished back on June 7th and the only difference today was less water. The outcome was a little different for me this time, I didn't catch any, but Glenn managed three more.  He was standing in the middle of the creek again. Note to self, stand in the middle of creek.

By 2:00 pm we were done for the day. On the walk back to the car, Glenn mention that he could see the benefit of using Tenkara on a streams like we fished today, but I don't think he's ready to plunk down the bucks. When I got home it was 94 degrees at my house so I imagine it was 90+ where we were. Very warm. When we got back to Glenn's motor home we sat and had a soda (Me) and a beer (Glenn) and talked about future trips on the American for Steelhead this coming Winter and Shad next Summer. There will still be our annual trip next 4th of July week. Since Glenn had such a good time with the fly rod and dry flies we'll just have to find a another good spot or two.

I'm off on vacation this Friday. The Wife and I are driving over to Mendocino, on the coast, for a few days so I'll take some pictures and do a couple of posts so you all can see what it looks like. I think you'll enjoy to views. I can't upload the pictures to my laptop because the program is not compatible with Windows 7 so I'll probably post and then upload the pictures when I get back on Tuesday.

Till then, stay cool.



  1. Hey Mark have fun on your trip. By the way, that one picture of you looks like an ad for Windknots & Tangled Lines!

    1. Thanks Howard, but those are all pictures of Glenn. I had my own problems with tangled lines but not on tape.


  2. Good looking stream. Line fights, I can relate to that.
    Have an enjoyable trip.

  3. I would love to learn to fly fish! it looks so cool. well anyway, have a great time in mendocino!!

  4. Looks like good water and a good time!

  5. Funny how my good buddy Mark seemed to forget the camera when I was catching fish.We had a great day, even though it was pretty darn hot. It is amazing how many fiah were in those little creeks. Thanks buddy!!!!!