Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hot Enough For You?

I know everybody in the country has been blasted with this Summer heat so I thought I share yesterday with you.

The wife and I went to Sacramento (Folsom actually which is east of Sac) yesterday do to a little shopping and to have a birthday (mine on the 8th) dinner. We ate at the Kabob House which is Greek food at it's finest. But this is not about the Lemon Garlic Chicken or Lamb Kabobs or the chocolate mousse for dessert, its about the weather.

The weather guessers were saying that yesterday was going to be the hottest day so far this year. Guestamation was 106. Good enough as long as you have air conditioning in your house, car, and any store you're going to be in.

Got the shopping done, had a nice lunch/dinner at the Kabob House and started home. The temperature started at 103 in the parking lot and as we moved South (toward home) it started rising. Pretty soon it was 106, then 109, then 110. Wait, there's more. Then it went from 111 to 112 to 113 and stayed there until we were about 20 miles out of town. Then it dropped down to 109 and shortly thereafter was back at 113 until we started up the mountain.

OK, so you guys say "No big deal because you've got no humidity", right?

We have this thing that comes up out to the Gulf of Mexico called Monsoonal Moisture. Rains from the gulf up through Arizona and Southern California into Northern California, but mainly hugs the mountains. Yes, we are in the mountains. Sometimes it rains here, sometimes is doesn't, but when this happens and it doesn't rain, the humidity can jet from 15% to 50% in a heartbeat and that's what it did yesterday. Up on top of the mountains you could see massive thunder heads and on Doppler Radar where it was raining.

I agree, it's not 90% humidity (and I've experienced that in Wisconsin and Florida) but 113 and 50% humidity....... Trust me, when I got home I was hugging the air conditioner. Pretty funny watching two grown adults fighting over who can get closer to the A/C. Just kidding.

At the house (3200 feet elevation) my estimate it was probably 102/103. Our hottest time of the day is 3:00pm and we weren't home then to check, but today we're in a cooling trend. Instead of 106 in Sacramento it's only supposed to be 104 so we'll be cruising at 100+ up here. And me? I'll be hugging the A/ C once again.

Fishing mid next week.



  1. I agree with both Howard and you, Mark! I don't do "hot" well at all. God Bless the AC!! Oh, and anything cold that keeps me hydrated!

  2. That's the kind of hot I like. It's been only 80 degrees here and we are freezing.
    Stay cool

  3. Mark
    The older I get the more I try to avoid the heat and humidity. That is why I try to fish at daylight in the hot summer months.

  4. That's hot no matter what! Here in the south it's finally down in the 80s, for now.