Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Final Tenkara Spot On The List

I had six spots where I wanted to focus on and use my Tenkara rod. Today I fulfilled the sixth and last one. My wife had to be at work early this morning so I took the opportunity of being up before the crack of dawn and headed over to the road to Wrights Lake off Highway 50 (the highway to Lake Tahoe).  

My objective was to fish Tenkara on Lyons Creek and Silver Creek which both cross under the road on the way to the lake. I've fished both creeks in the past and they were always good for a couple of fish, but when I got there, boy was I disappointed. The first stop was Lyons Creek and it was almost dry. Hard to realize that the last time I was here, I got stuck in the snow and it took me four hours to dig out. Being the die hard I am, I got out my Tenkara rod, put on my vest, and started upstream if you could call it that. 

Upstream from the bridge

Downstream from the bridge
The only surprise of the day was that the water temperature, even though there was barely water in the creek was 55.8 degrees. 

Turn around point
I walked up to the picture above and at that point is was senseless to go any further.

I got back to the truck and drove up to Silver Creek and it had less water than Lyons. I doubt there will be any fish in these two creeks any time soon, if ever again. A sad time indeed.

Plan B was to drive back to where the South Fork of the American crosses Highway 50 at Crystal Basin Rd and fish there. As I dropped into the little town (there is one store and one motel) of Kyburz, I detoured up Silver Fork Rd. I thought maybe I could fish the section of the river that Glenn and I were heading for when we ran into the logging guys back on July 10th. Well, the logging guys were still there, but not in the way so I found a spot and headed to the river.

I fished a good mile (via various accesses) of the river and I only got one hit and run and of course it came as I was distracted by something or other and I missed it.      

Disclaimer and excuses: It was hot and the fish weren't biting. I didn't get to Silver Fork until 10:30 and the sun  was already on the water. I didn't use the right fly. The moon was in the wrong phase for catching.

Whine, whine, whine. OK, I'll say it. I got skunked. There. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

Next Tuesday is the annual potluck for the Amador Flyfishers Club. It's being held at Lake Tabeaud and you know how I hate that lake, but I'm going anyway. On top of that, I'm taking the Float Tube Cumberland and plan on launching it after the feast. Since it'll be late in the day and I've got secret information as to where the big browns hang out (fish finder reliable) I'm going to see if one won't take an offered Bugger or Thin Mint.

I'll let you know how it goes.



  1. That is sad that the rivers were so low.

  2. You might have been skunked, but a better time could not have been had.

  3. Yup, a lot of small rivers, streams, and creeks are beggin' for water throughout the west. You still receive an A+ for effort.

  4. Sorry the fishing was tough. BTW, hoping flows improve for 2013...the wife is hinting that she wants the family vacation to be in Northern California next year. No joke. Maybe you can show me how to use one of those tenkara rods...

  5. Mark
    All of us get the skunk on our backs every once in a while---better luck next Tuesday

  6. Hey buddy...I know how hot it was when we fished...tough conditions...better luck next time. I am not going to the Klamath as planned....but I will be there in October...Tight Lines...