Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tiger Creek The Mountain Goat Paradise

I had stopped by here earlier this year or possibly early last year (they all seem to run together now days) and the water was running about a category V on the International Scale of River Difficulty. Today, however it was about what I expected. Perfect fly fishing water.

This particular spot is designated to take out your raft that you put in at the dam site a couple of miles upstream, but not this time of year. It had steps dug into the rocks and cleats along the side of the steps to tie ropes on so as you wiz by you can grab the rope and pull yourself to the side.  

I walked to the bottom step and there is a huge pool right there. I put a green stimulator out on my fly rod and let it slowly drift down the pool. To get an idea of how big this pool is, I couldn't put the fly into somewhat fast moving water on either end of the pool. 

My next move was to a spot under the bridge. This entailed crawling over huge boulders (thus the Mountain Goat comment) and finally getting to a spot where I could, at least, get near the water.

On the way by, I took the three pictures from the base of the bridge just to give you an idea of the terrain.
Under the bridge to the left

Under the bridge across the creek

Under the bridge to the right
I did find a rock to stand on that was about two feet off the water and flat enough that I didn't feel I'd fall off it and started drifting the green stimulator. Got three hit and runs, but no hookups and then the bite stopped. I moved on upstream to the area below. There was a nice little pool with some moving water just begging to be fished with my Tenkara rod which I had in my back pocket. See, carry it in your back pocket and use as needed. How cool is that?

Further upstream
Couple of casts and the first fish of the day came to hand. This little Rainbow about seven inches. A quick photo op and back in the creek. 

First fish of the day
The second was a brown about 10 inches long and while I brought it to hand, it decided (while I was attempting to extricate my camera from my vest) that it wasn't sticking around for it's photo op and flopped itself back into the creek. It too was on my Tenkara rod.

I moved upstream again to the next pool and using my regular fly rod was able to bring two more small rainbows to hand. A lot of long distance casting on this creek.

On the way out I took the next two shots to give you an idea of how high this creek runs in the winter. Standing on a rock near the takeout spot I mentioned above, the first one is driftwood at about 10:00 o'clock and the second one is the river and it would be about 2:00 o'clock.    


With that, I think you can get the idea.  I only fished this creek for an hour and a half. That was all I was able to give, negotiating the rocks that ranged from basketball size to SUV sized, to the size of a house. I'm just not the Mountain Goat I used to be. After all on 8-8 (tomorrow) I will be 66. 

Till the next story. "The weekend I disappeared".



  1. Nice water. That pool at the abutment is my type of water.

  2. happy birthday you old goat ;)

  3. Mark
    I yearn for a faster drift, especially below the dam at the tailrace I fish--I just may have to get the Tenkara to do some high sticking in the slower drifts. Those are nice some nice looking trout. Mark you have some great looking waters to fish out there. Thanks for sharing

  4. I enjoyed that Mark. That's my kind of water also. or at least was when I was younger. We old goats don't travel too well over rocks.

  5. Looks like excellent water! Totally get the mountain goat reference...you'll see what I mean tomorrow when the post goes up! I'd much rather get my exercise climbing over rocks with a fly rod than climbing a stairmaster...