Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just A Couple Of Pictures

Now as you all know, I can't tell you about this:

10 Inches
Or this:
10 Inches Too
Or this:

Same one as above
Or this:
17 Inches
So I'll tell you about Bear River Reservoir. I got there at 11:00am and set up one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other I put a cricket (sssssh) under a bobber. While I was soaking both, I took a few pictures of the lake for your enjoyment.

Dam #1

Far Left

A Little Left
OK, nothing on bobber rig so I put out a second rainbow Power Bait, but this time with a little sweet corn scent. Forty five minutes and nothing so I reeled in the one with the sweet corn and this Crawdad was attached. 

Crawdad Acrobatics
The hook was lightly attached to the abdomen.

More Crawdad Acrobatics
Guy could get a job with Ringling Brothers.

OK, so the line was wrapper around a claw or four. I grabbed him behind the head and untangled the line while he kept pinching the pliers. You don't think I was going to put my fingers in there, do you?

I finally got him unstrung and put him back into the lake. He was such a good sport I couldn't put the Crawdad crunch on him. Now that I think about it, he was about the size of the lobster tails that Safeway was selling this past weekend for $5.00 apiece. Maybe I should have kept him. Does he count as a non-skunk catch? He was the only thing coming out of Bear today.

All right, short and sweet. Not sure where I'm off to next, but I'll let you know.



  1. Nice fish. But the crawdad is the catch of the day. That's big; you should check if it's a record. Also have enjoyed the stories. I believe in UFOs. I was waiting for you to say that a light shone over your heads making your eyes shine...

  2. And I also wanted to say I appreciate your comments on my blog. You almost always give me a smile or a laugh. Thanks.

  3. Nice, Mark that brown in the net is a beauty.

  4. for sure, that brown is a great catch, ive thought about eating crayfish once or twice...

  5. Nice crawdaddy, you should've had a crawfish boil!

  6. Hey Mark......that is a nice brown trout.

    By the way, I had a lobster roll yesterday in Maine. I do love seafood.

  7. Great looking browns! You fish some great looking lakes!