Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Secret Lake Post

I've been getting so much grief about naming the secret lake back on 8/29 that this will be the last post about the lake. I want to note that it's so secret that everybody I talk to knows about it.  

Headed out at 0700 and snapped this photo of the sunrise just around the corner by Roy's house. I left a little early just in case I needed to put the trash back into the cans like last Thursday, but Mr. Bear was a good boy last night and stayed away. 

After a stop for coffee, I got to the lake with the intention of trying my new cricket flies I got earlier this week at American Fly Fishing Company, at the inlet, and on my fly rod. One was black and the other was beige. Both are foam flies so I started with the black on the surface. It's a little hard to watch a black fly in the early light, just in case you've never tried it. Then I added a small split shot and tried it just below the surface. With no interest I switched to the beige one and fished it the same two ways. I think I might have gotten a hit or it just could have been the fish hit something near the beige fly when I had it on the surface. It was one of those "not paying attention" moments.

After donating one beige cricket fly to the trees, I put on a Copper John under an indicator and with no interest I then went to a size 10 Stimulator because there seemed to be some increased surface activity, but here again, no interest. Always seems like the surface activity is just beyond casting range.   

About half way through, my ride to the truck arrived, but since I wanted to fish some more, I sent him on his way.
My ride, Yeh right...
I made one last try and put on a Zebra Midge, but ended up donating it to the trees too.
OK, so I've fished the secret lake and found the key and I may fish it again, but this will be the last post about this lake. So there you are. The secret lake is a wrap.



  1. At least you went through the fly box and gave them a smorgasboard of opportunity. Some "secrets" are better off told.

  2. I have a couple of secret fishing spots, only to discover others also think of them as their secret spots.