Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday With Tenkara

OK, I would have called it Tenkara Tuesday, but that's Mike's shtick over at Troutrageous!.

I started out at that secret place I'm not talking about any more, but since it's just around the corner I wanted to take a short shot at using a hopper fly that looks a lot like a cricket. Didn't fool the trout. I also tried a red/black ant and a couple colors of Wooly Bugger, but I think that with the past weekend of fishing pressure the trout were probably not interested in anything offered. By the way, the Apple Smoked Brown Trout was delicious.

 Since nothing worked, I packed up and headed up Highway 88 to Cat Creek Rd and a little Tenkara fishing. Although the water level was very low, the water temperature was still 53 degrees so I started at the bridge and the plan was to work downstream. 

To my surprise I almost instantly hooked up a small rainbow on a green stimulator in the pool below the bridge. I haven't caught anything in that pool this year and I would have taken a picture, but you've seen enough little trout pictures this year that I didn't think one more would be necessary. 

Hole under the bridge
Shortly thereafter I donated the stimulator to the pine tree that was behind me so I tied on a yellow one. 

I talked to the campground host as I passed by his camp sight and he said that the campground was packed almost every weekend since the beginning of summer. He also said that people have been fishing, taking, and keeping any fish they catch in the creek, but there were still a bunch in the creek although they were extremely skittish.  

I walked another couple hundred feet down the creek and realized that strength wise I was not going to be able to fish any more today. Been doing too much wood splitting, stacking, and demolishing of my wife's sewing room with the intention of remodeling it and haven't let enough recovery days pass before hitting the water again. 

So that's it for Tuesday. Don't know if I'll be back out until next week, but I want to get the Float Tube Cumberland in the water whether it's in White Pines Lake or Rancho Seco Lake for some of those Bluegills, Crappie, or what ever I can find that will bite. I still have those poppers I got from J&M Flies that haven't had much of a workout.

Till then.



  1. Sounds like you at least had a beautiful day on the water so trout pics are kind of secondary. Glad you got out and you're going to have to slow down a bit on the wood splitting

  2. Nice picture Mark.

    Time to rest.

  3. Indeed that is a really nice picture. I can sit and drink a cold one and look at it all day. Rest up buddy and we'll hear from you soon.

  4. Damn those pine trees for sneaking up on you like that.

  5. little trout pics are always necessary

  6. Apple smoked brown trout, now that's got to be good.