Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wind In My Hair, What Hair?

I've been having a little arthritis going on in my right hand so rather than split wood, sand the recently plastered sewing room, or swing flies with my fly rod I decided to just park somewhere and let some Power Bait soak. I had the option of Bear River, Silver Lake or run  up the hill to Caples Lake.   

As I drove up the hill (after coffee, of course) I passed Bear and when I looked at Silver thought it a bit low, so I continued to Caples. Parked in the lot by the spillway and after grabbing my gear, walked up and over the dam.  

What was calm in the parking lot was 10 to 15 mph sustained on the lake, in your face. I figured I could set up with my line into the wind rather than across it causing big bows in the line.

Now I know the pictures below don't look very windy, but trust me, it was.

To the right of where I was sitting

Almost straight across

The dam in the back of the picture
I tried to get a shot of the waves breaking over this rock which was right in front of where I was sitting.

Splash on the beach
After a little more than an hour, I was starting to get irritated with the wind constantly in my face (it would have helped had I gotten a bite or six) so I packed up and headed over the hill (Carson Pass Elevation 8574 ft) and down to Red Lake.

OK, so I'm a glutton for punishment. Remember I've not caught any Brook Trout in two years and for the last seven trips here I only have nine little Cutthroats for my troubles. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could snag a Brookie or two out of the area the two kayakers caught a couple in, last week.

Did I catch any Brookies? Of course not, BUT I did catch a bunch of those little Cutts like the one below. At least I think it's Cutt. It didn't have any color on the gills, but looked like one.

They were all seven, eight, or nine inches, but fun to catch. I caught ten total and missed another six or eyght (Notice the spelling? Sorry, I've been watching the Tudors on Amazon Prime and got carried away. Still lost? They spell eight, eyght and King, Kyng. English in the 15th century, Henry the 8th, who the hell knows. After all he lopped the head off two of his wives. Nice guy.)

One last thing. I found a small red/white bobber for the window sill and another GOLF BALL. What's with the golf balls and lakes? I think that makes eyght (there I go again, sorry) I've found.

I guess that's a wrap. Tomorrow I'm sanding walls in the sewing room. FYI, we are remodeling the wife's sewing room. Took all the wall paper and unfinished molding off the walls and removed the carpet on the floor. When were done, it will be repainted, new molding, base board, laminate flooring, and all new furniture. It'll be the sewing room she's always wanted.




  1. Yes, that's a baby Lohanton Cutty...DFG is introducing them into some of there native range. I'm sure the Lakers love them! You might try casting large streamers along the shore line early. Monster browns will pick them off. Lakes make a great driving range Mark for those not worried about the cost of losing every ball.

  2. any time the wind becomes a sustained double digit number it makes for a hard cast and leaves the face feeling a bit dry