Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Little Trip To Camanche

You might have gotten the idea that I'm remodeling my wife's sewing room. Since we've moved in nine years ago the room has been decorated in some hideous wallpaper and all the molding and casing was in bare wood stained to a dark brown color, but never finished. You know, clear coat, varnish, something like that. About 6 months ago we decided that she needed a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I don't know if that word applies) sewing room. So began the demolition of the room.

One fine Saturday with a crow bar, hammer, and my pickup truck parked by the front door, down came the room. Out came the carpet and the 12x12 peal & stick faux wood tile that was under it. Then the wallpaper was removed and we found that there were a gazallion nail holes in the walls and no texturing at all. I've patched, textured, primed, painted (and you don't want to know about the venture trying to find the "right" color) and now we're putting down the new laminate floor Saturday.

Which brings me to this post. I had to run into town (Jackson) to pick up new base molding and door casing and since I was fairly close to Lake Camanche, thought I'd drop in and see if anything was biting from shore. One has to take opportunities when they present themselves.

I yacked with Aaron at the check in gate and he said they had planted the day before at the North Shore boat launch which is across from where I usually fish. I paid my entrance fee, drove out to the Day Use area and parked by the double buoys. I didn't have any expectations because the lake has not turned over yet, but I needed some rest and what better way than to sit in the red camping chair with a couple of lines with Power Bait out and an audible book on MP3. Skunked, yeh. Care, nope. Needed the rest. But I did take a couple of pictures of the lake. It's not as far down as Amador or New Hogan and it is rising (although slowly) which is a good thing.

We're expecting rain starting tomorrow and lasting through Monday so that will help the down country lakes and add some snow to the resorts. We did get dusted last weekend at the house, but nothing that we even worried about, maybe 2 inches at the most.

So here are some photos.

To the left of where I was fishing

To the right

Another left shot
Water is clear, but I didn't have my thermometer so I don't know how cold. There wasn't a place near by that I could safely access (most of the ground is clay and slicker than s!!! when it's wet) to stick my toe in or maybe just a finger. Finger is easier since you don't have to take off your shoes and socks.

Maybe next week I'll take a run up the hill and see if I can still access one of the lakes and today is November 15th making it the last day of the general trout season, so no more stream fishing (unless it's a special regulation stream) until next April.

I'll let you know if I find anything exciting.



  1. Mark
    I was going to ask if you ever waded around the Lake edge, but since you said the shoreline is slicker than s!!!! I will forgo that question--need to get all those odd jobs done before Spring

  2. I have pretty much remodeled my whole house, windows, doors, roof... and all inside in the last 5 years... I feel for ya, but if your anything like me... you secretly enjoy it, even the pick-a-paint pain....

  3. How much would it cost me to fly you out here to do my house? Lovely lakes my friend.

  4. Looks like a great place to rest, Mark.