Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Outing Of 2013

Thank you all for the kind words about my brother.

Again, I had an errand to run in town so what better chance to do a little fishing afterward. There aren't a lot of options this time of year so I flipped a coin. Heads, I'd go to Lake Amador. Tails, I'd go to Lake Camanche.

It came up ? I went to New Melones Lake. This is the place I fished last February when I ran into the Blue Winged Olive hatch and didn't have my fly rod. Today I brought my fly rod along and were the trout surface feeding? Of course not. I did have my spinning gear though.    

I got to the lake at 0930 after a stop at the donut shop in Jackson for coffee (and a couple of maple bars) and then another stop at Starbucks in Angels Camp for more coffee (it's been a might cold lately). I set up my red camping chair, two rods with rainbow Power Bait and waited for the first bite. And wait I did. And waited some more. And even a little while longer.  

In between all the waiting, I changed to new rainbow Power Bait, tried a little pink (People are catching limits of 14 inch rainbows on pink Power Bait at Angels Creek. Sorry, private joke) and then started to experiment with Pro-Cure bait scents. 

First I tried sweet corn, then anise, then garlic, but to no avail. Finally I settled on garlic and sat back to enjoy the sun and some warmth (hooded sweatshirt still one). The first hit came at 11:30 and was so fast, I missed it. It was bump, bump and then it was gone. Whoa......

Then the hits came one after another and I missed the first six or so, but finally I brought the first trout of 2013 to hand. The second came shortly thereafter and then nothing. My guess is that the school moved on. Somewhere around 12:30 number three came to hand. By the way, these all went on the stringer for Bob. Came close to needing my driveway plowed last week so I thought I'd better drop him off a couple, just in case. 

Then around 1:30 (I probably should keep better track of the time, but who cares) numbers four and five came one right after the other. With five (the limit) on the stringer, I said good by to the two guys fishing around the corner and headed home.

The launch ramp
Want to be mighty careful launching your boat off this ramp. That is about a 20 foot drop at the end of the ramp. There is another ramp behind where I was fishing so boats could still be put into the water.

A view to the right

Straight across
Double click on the picture above and look at the clarity of the water.

Just to the right of the cement launch ramp
You can see some to the clarity in this picture too.

A limit
And, of course, a picture of the catch of the day. They ranged from (4th from the left) 9 inches to about 12 inches. All rainbow stockers.

Not a bad way to start 2013.



  1. Nice Mark.
    I am hoping to use my 2013 license this weekend even though it may only be in the 20s.

  2. A banner start to 2013 indeed. Hope the bite keeps up for a while at least!

  3. Hi Mark,

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for your fishing report. So, I went to New Melones today.
    I got there around 11:00 and as you said no bite for the next two hours. Not even a nibble. I wondered why fishing was always great yesterday. I almost packed up and went home.
    Then 1:00PM came and it started biting. With your recommended rainbow power bait and power eggs. I also caught a limit. It was a good start of 2013 for both of us. Let's keep this luck!

  4. Mark
    Looks like a meal in works--how do you prepare those trout for a meal? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill. I gave these to Bob. He plans on smoking them with a couple of others in his freezer.