Thursday, January 17, 2013

Go Where The Fish Are

If any of you read the comments from my last post, you saw the one with the Japanese characters next to the Blogger logo. That's my friend Yuki.

It went something like this: Since Im not obligated to fish in Amador County I went to New Melones today. I caught three nice ones and missed four strikes. The guy fishing next to me, Jim, caught seven (released three.) Trout was hitting Jim's red Power Bait, later night crawler.

He also said that he was going back out today and wondered if he would see me there. How could I pass up on an invitation like that? 

So I headed out at 0730 when the wife left for work and after coffee at the donut shop, I hit New Melones at 9:00. Just happened that the above mentioned Jim was parked right next to me, but no Yuki. After setting up my red camping chair and putting out two rods with rainbow Power Bait, I started chatting with Jim. 

Between 0900 and 1000 I put three on the stringer and released one that was a bit small. Just after that, Yuki came hobbling down the hill (one of those black, clunky, foot things on his right foot) and set up on the other side of Jim. Now remember, when Yuki and I fish together the jinx applies. If you don''t remember, Yuki doesn't catch any fish until after I leave. How? Why? I have not clue. It's just the way it's been since we met a couple of years ago. 

But today the jinx was broken. When I left at Noon (needed to clean the flue on the wood stove because it is the first time I've been able to get up on the roof without snow) Yuki had three (3) on his stringer. 

So all this time we are socializing and fishing, I'm watching the many trout out in the lake feeding on the surface. Did I bring my fly rod? Of course not. Why would I do something like that? Next week, I'm back out there not only with my fly rod, possibly my Tenkara rod, and even the Float Tube Cumberland. Oh, if I could have only set a BWO on a couple of those surface feeders............

OK, I could have taken pictures,  but you can go back to the 2nd and the 8th and see what it looked like. It hasn't changed any. I guess I should mention that I caught five total with one going back for another day. The small one was nine inches and the largest was thirteen inches. Bob (I plow for fish) is happy and should it snow, my driveway will be plowed.

It was sunny, warm, and about 60+ degrees. Hip waders are due next Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday at the lake. Maybe sooner.   



  1. I'm glad that you caught your limit. Jim caught his, too. For two consecutive days. I caught one more after you left. Now, seriously considering a smoker. New Melone has been hot. Yeah, the jinx may be over. I might go back there tomorrow again.

  2. I'm amazed that anybody is catching fish anywhere. Then I remember it's only single digits here and a few other places. Come on Spring.

  3. Glad you guys hooked into some fish! sounds like a productive day. I myself have yet to fish this year. i need to get out there! lol