Thursday, January 31, 2013

The First And Probably Only NCT Giveaway

OK, probably not, but let's get through this one first. 

Long ago (October 2009) and far away (Maupin, Oregon) I got excited about Steelhead fishing. Before you know it I was back in town and buying all manner of Steelhead flies.

One of my purchasing mistakes was this collection of flies from Cabela's that are designed (I believe) for a Spey Rod and bordering on impossible to cast with a 6wt fly rod.

Since they've been sitting on a shelf in the nerve center of Northern California Trout and collecting dust, I thought I'd just do a giveaway and let someone who can use them, use them.

I want to note upfront, that there are only 23 of the 24 original flies. Apparently I lost one somewhere along the way. Actually if I remember right, I dropped it in the river and was not able to find it. These 23 flies come with one of those fine green Cabela's fly boxes and it is nicely engraved (with a Sharpie) with the word Steelhead. I know kind of dorky, but live with it.   

Collection currently priced at $76.99 at Cabela's
Let's see how we're going to handle this. I'm not on Facebook so you don't have to "like" me. I'm not on Twitter, so you don't have to do what ever it is you do on Twitter. I guess the best way is to leave me a comment and I'll use the old random generator and pick the lucky winner.

To make it fair, I'll let the commenting go on until 2/15/2013 and then we'll have a winner. On the 16th (which is also the day I'm getting my taxes done) I'll do a post and name the lucky person and also ask that lucky person to send me an email with the pertinent information so I can send the flies out.  

Let the commenting begin. Hey, if you can't use them, let some one that can have a chance.



  1. im not sure i like the number 1 for a random number generator but what the hell i'll give it a shot

  2. Look at all that marabou.
    Steelhead junkies are drooling.

  3. Mark
    I have never fished for a steelhead, and from the looks of those streamers they might be too large for some of those 11” trout I go after---by the way you and I are in the minority here as far as facebook and twitter is concerned. I thought I was the only one around who didn’t fool with that stuff, glad to find someone else—my wife is the facebook and twitter junkie, I spend my social media time blogging with my fishing buddies

  4. Put me down on the list Mark! I'll put that candy to use if I am so lucky. I certainly hope this raffle doesn't spell the end of your pursuit of the silver ghosts. Steelheading is is 50% confidence, 25% timing and 25% luck! ;0)
    Hang in there and I promise you will be rewarded. But I caution you...It is a sickness...


  5. now hold on Mark, you live in Northern Cal... those intrueders actually catch fish there! How about you go buy a 7wt ambush taper line and an aiflo poly leader and I will drive down from Portland and show you how to catch a fish with them...I love the Sac, and the fish love swung flies- I would really do this.. but only if we can fish during the week- Brad

    1. Hey Brad. Thanks for the offer, but fishing the American River, they just don't seem to like those bushy flies. they are more like egg eating Steelhead than anything else. Even the guys on the drift boats use eggs.

  6. Glad I checked in again. Put me down for a chance, Mark. I've never learned how to tie those articulated flies, but I'd love to have a chance to try them out on my local steelhead. Also, great logo! I've always liked Joel's stuff.

  7. Mark! I hope you can deduct the flies you're giving away from your tax obligation. And I hope I will have to claim them on mine!