Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Tribute To Those Who Follow

Once in a while I scan the stats to see who the audience is. Each time I do it, I'm amazed who they are. So, I'd like to take a minute and than everyone who follows in their language. I trust I don't insult anyone because I could only use Google to get the phrase translated.

This is the stats from those that touched the blog from 2/14/13 to 2/21/13. They are in line from the most hits on down. 

The English version is what I translated.

United States
 Thank you for reading what I write.
 Спасибі за читання, що я пишу.
 Спасибо за чтение, что я пишу.
 Danke für das Lesen, was ich schreibe.
Bedankt voor het lezen wat ik schrijf.

For those that speak English, Thank you for reading what I write.
For those of you that speak French, Merci d'avoir lu ce que j'ai écrit.
Tack för att läsa vad jag skriver.
Merci d'avoir lu ce que j'ai écrit.
Dziękuję za przeczytanie tego, co piszę.

I appreciate and thank each and every one of you. You are what keeps this blog alive.


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  1. I too am always amazed and honored by who visits my blog. This post is a great idea and please keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading what you have to say.