Saturday, February 16, 2013

And The Winner Is?

Here is the list of contestants.

1. Blake from Illinois Wisconsin Fishing
2. Alan from Small Stream Reflections
3. Bill Trussell from Fishing Through Life
4. Lambton from November Rains
5. Brad from FishTales
6. Jim Yaussy Albright from Home Waters, A Fly Fishing Life
7. Glenn Melanson from “I caught a Steelhead and you haven’t”.
8.  Howard Hart from WDSTK3 hand crafted lures.
9.  Tim Gerke from Old Man River, OR

I have to apologize that I'm not as tech-wiz as a lot of you guys out there, but I assure you this contest is on the up and up. I entered number 1 to number 9 and the winner is.............

Blake (#1) from Illinois Wisconsin Fishing.

Blake, send me your full name and address ( and I'll get the flies out to you on Monday.

Thanks to the rest of you for playing.



  1. That was fun, Mark. Thanks. And congrats to Blake.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity Mark and congratulations to Blake!

  3. Mark
    Be sure to have Blake to give us a full report on his first outing with his new flies. Congrats to Blake for winning some great looking flies. Thanks for the contest Mark

  4. Blake will do those flies justice.

  5. boom! Thanks Mark, I'll send you an email now!