Friday, February 8, 2013

Contest Reminder

One more week until the contest is over. Here is a list of names I have just to make sure I haven't missed anybody.

1. Blake from Illinois Wisconsin Fishing
2. Alan from Small Stream Reflections
3. Bill Trussell from Fishing Through Life
4. Lambton from November Rains
5. Brad from FishTales
6. Jim Yaussy Albright from Home Waters, A Fly Fishing Life
7. Glenn Melanson from “I caught a Steelhead and you haven’t”. 

If there's anyone else, let me know. Drawing on Saturday the 16th. 



  1. come on random number generator

  2. Mark
    Reminds me of the lottery--by the way did you try to download the civil war images we talked about?

  3. Good day Mark! Throw me in the RNG hat!

  4. I saw the contest but since steelhead are about as common around SC as Tarpon are off the coast of Washington I decided to let the real steelheaders get those. I just dropped in to say I like the new header and thank you for thinking of me when you went searching for a new look. Thanks again for the book as well. I plan on cracking into it this week.