Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've Come To The Conclusion

I've come to the conclusion that there isn't going to be any Mark/Steelhead bonding this year. There isn't going to be any Steelhead pals. No warm & fuzzy. No Nada. 

You see this picture below? Right in the middle is a Steelhead not 4 feet from where I was standing.


Keeping in mind that I've thrown everything in the fly box today. OK, here's a list. Caddis flies (multiple), egg imitations (multiple colors), all kinds of streamers, nymphs of every color and variation, and here sits a Steelhead not 4 feet from me as I stick a San Juan Worm with a single orange egg dropper in it's nose, but will it take it? Oh hell no. It was so close I could have skewered it with my wading staff and trust me, I thought about it. On up the river it went.

After a short sandwich break and back on the river I look upstream and who has a fish on? Yeh that's right, "Glenn, I've caught Steelhead and you haven't". I show the guy the "secret" Steelhead spot and he catches not one or two, but three Steelhead today and I go home skunked.

It's s darn good thing he and I are good friends because if we weren't I'd have keyed his pretty new truck just because. I'm not a vengeful person, but I can only take so much.   

Steelhead #3

It's there somewhere

Keep working it

A little further down stream

Standing on the point still working it

Back upstream and then back down stream


A second look
And that folks, is an American River Steelhead caught on, of all things a black Wooly Bugger. Go figure.  

So I've decided that I'm going back out to the down country lakes where I have at least a chance of catching something. That should keep me busy until the Shad start up the river toward the end of May. Now them, I know how to catch.   



  1. Come back to the basic at Trout Pond.
    Today, my daughter and I fished there on our kayaks and I caught one she none.
    But, there was this guy on his float tube with a fly rod right next to me caught 20 fish! Very frustrating and annoying. My daughter told me that she is seriously considering quit fishing at all.

  2. Hey, if it was easy, the tackle companies would all go broke.

  3. not give up. Your steelhead will come...I have faith...
    P.S. who is that handsome man???
    Your Pal,

  4. Someone has to take the photos. And that someone was you.

  5. Mark, I think I am on board with Callan on this one. Next time tell Glenn to leave his rod and reel in the truck and just man the camera of you steelheading. At least, you will "look good" giving it the "Shoreman" effort.

  6. Mark, admit're hooked. Go get em man!