Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Steelhead Monster Emerges

When we met last 4th of July weekend, my friend Glenn wanted to try Steelhead fishing in the American River. On January 30th, being the nice guy I am, I met him in Rancho Cordova to do a little Steelhead fishing. If you haven't read the post, just scroll down and take a look.

So Monday I get an email from Glenn saying he was planning another trip up on Wednesday with his friend Mark (another retired cop) to take him fishing for Steelhead. I had to pass because I was still recovering from the last rock hopping trip. Geezers don't recover as rapidly as younger guys.

THEN, I get an email from Glenn on Tuesday night threatening me with a call from his wife, if I don't contribute half the cost of him buying an 8wt rod so he can continue fishing for Steelhead in style. Can't imagine what was wrong with his 6wt, it's what I use.

In that same email he said he would report on the trip. I said that the best way was for me to do a guest post and have him write it. So, here you are.

Glenn Melanson, retired Alameda County Sheriff, Rookie Steelhead fisherman, and my friend.

Okay my friend...first the bad are definately on the hook for part of my new 8wt. steelhead rod...unless you want me to revoke your membership in the "Man Club."  As a man in good owe it to yourself to help me overcome my new addiction...for lo, you are in fact the one who led me away from the straight and narrow, down a path fraught with visions of fast action rods and inexplicably priced reels...I remember your words well..."'ll like it...don't be won't hurt and nobody will ever know..."

Left the house at 0500 was was was foggy...I had coffee, chew and a good fishing partner, also named Mark...all that was missing was my loyal dog.  Traffic was non-existent entering Sacramento, but the fog grew pretty thick...thank God I have a big truck so we wouldn't get too hurt if we hit somebody while doing 75 down the off-ramp for Sunrise Blvd.  Entered the park, paid my $5.00 parking fee and started to dress by 0630...still dark...still cold..still foggy.  Hit the same stretch of river we hit last Wednesday, the narrow channel on the south side of the island.  I started out with a pretty pink nuclear yarn egg I had tied the previous night...the nuclear comes from the addition of "Krystal Flash" before the was pretty...pretty pink...pretty fat...pretty useless...but it was mine... Saw several fish as it got lighter.  Had my first good hit at the point of the island...had that puppy on for all of three seconds...five more seconds and it would have been an official cowboy ride...Switched to another yarn fly I tied...I called this one, "Glenn's red yarn fly."  (So I'm not very good at names...sue me) Ran into Vic and Max the Wonderdog...Vic is the guy who was fish spotting for me last week.  Vic was telling me about a snag in the area I was fishing and I saw my indicator stop dead...BAM...I'm a hell of a bend in the old 6 wt. and I'm thinking...if only I had a new 8 wt. I could yank this fly right out...but no...I'm pulling and the snag...she no wanna give...then a funny thing happened...the snag started to move upstream...and splash...and pull...Holy S@!t...its a steelhead...FISH ON!!!!  Took about ten minutes to land it and arm was tired...thought I was gonna loose it at one point until Vic called Max the Wonderdog off...who knew German Shepherds liked to fish for steelhead with their teeth?...24 inches and about 5 first steelhead...caught on a rod I made and a fly I tied...That was the only fish I caught...saw a bunch just upstream of the hole you started out at last week...literally bounced an egg sucking leech off their noses but I think all they wanted was sex...have I morphed into a steelhead???

Saw one guy catch three in the riffels and met another nice guy named Greg who gave me two new strike indicators to try...he caught one in the pool at the top of the run after I left the sex crazed males to fight it out amongst themselves...all in all a great day on the river...which leaves me with one perplexing question...How come guys named Mark can't catch steelhead???  I have never seen a Mark catch a steelhead...Glenn's do Vic's and Greg's...but Mark's???

And with that, Ladies and Gentleman, you see the crap I have to endure being friends with cops. Once again, I'm not contributing to Glenn's 8 wt for the same reason that if he came down with gold fever that I wouldn't fund his gold mining addiction. 

So there you have it. I take him to the "secret" Steelhead place, he catches one, and I get a ration of shit. 

Good thing we're friends. 




  1. Well, Mark, love his post. Happy to hear Glenn has gone to the dark side. He is on his own with a new rod.

    Geezers need to spend their time relaxing and catching trout and bluegill, perch etc. Leave the hard work to the cops!

  2. Hey! Never turn down the opportunity to fish with some of our finest. The life he saves may be your own.

  3. Mark...just because you published my fishing I must say the first Northern California Trout correspondent...does not let you off the hook for your 8wt. contribution...I will give you a break...just cut my royalities checks please...

    Your friend, fishing partner and all around good guy...Glenn

  4. Oh man, he got one before you did! It's all good Mark, You WILL catch a steelie! I know it. this is your year!

  5. Mark,first & fore most,flyfishing does'nt pratice catch & release,so be for warned,second,your friend has got the fever,that's stelle fever,once caught it's hard to get over,you want more,& more of the tug,fly guys say,the fling is the thing,but the tug is the drug,so enjoy it while you still able to move forward,for there's no promise of tomorrow,tight lines,& bent rods.