Friday, February 15, 2013

Wow, Two Posts In One Day

Today was opening day (always on the Friday preceding Presidents Day weekend) for Lake Pardee. If you'll recall last year, opening day was a disaster. As I recall, I saw about 6 fish for about 300 fishermen. I think the poor lady at check-in was hiding so the fishermen couldn't find her and string her up. Wasn't her fault the fishing was bad, but the fishermen were hunting for someone and she was the most visible.

Today, a completely different story. At check-in, the board said that 6000 pounds had been stocked in the last couple of weeks. That was definitely a good sign. As I passed the parking lot for boat trailers, the place was packed. OK, another good sign.

On the other hand, the parking lot at Porcupine Point was almost empty. Last year the lot was full and I got the last space. I grabbed my three rods and headed down to the lake with the intent to fish a couple of lines of Power Bait and if nothing else, my little Okuma with a Kastmaster or two.

Once set up and with one rod and plain rainbow Power Bait and the other with rainbow Power Bait and a little Pro-Cure garlic scent, I noticed some commotion at the group to the left of me.

The group, as it turns out, was mom, dad, and two munchkins with a fish on a small Zebco rod & reel (note, mom holding the rod in the background). By small, I mean the rod was maybe 4 feet long, but bent in half. Once the fish was on the stringer, I wandered over and asked if I could get a photo.

The fish were large enough that he couldn't hold them by himself so dad gave him a little help. 

Thanks for the help, Dad.

Didn't get his name, but when I said smile, he said "cheese". Must be familiar with having his picture taken. The three in the picture were somewhere between one and two pounds. Do check out the Bass Pro Shop ball cap.

Next to me on the right was Ed. He was fishing around the point and had two on his stringer. Ed mentioned that everybody he saw leaving had limits. 

I set up at 0900 and at 0945 I had a double. First fish to hand was a little over one pound (on plain PB). The other was 1 lb. - 13oz. (on garlic). Land the first one (all stockers) and leave it in the net while fighting the second. They were going to Bob, so no matter if they were stressed. With both on the stringer and both rods back out, I paused for a photo of one being landed on the boat across the cove. 

That was one of several I saw them land.

I continued with two rods and Power bait and over the next hour, landed two more, one going
2 lbs. - 2 ozs. then I put out one rod and a gold Kastmaster on my little Okuma. Before I could get a third cast out with the Kastmaster, I hooked my fifth and final fish on the Power Bait.

A Pardee Limit
Compared with last years opening day, this one was fantastic. I stopped at check-in on the way out and gave the girls an update of what I caught and complimented them on a great opening day.

Maybe Steelhead early next week. I'm still trying.



  1. Mark
    Glad you were able to connnect on some nice bows. How big are the rainbows they stock in the this lake? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill. I would say that normally they are about 12 inches, but with this being "Opening Day" I think they did the slightly larger ones. Pound to two pounds seems the norm as most of the ones caught were that size.

  2. Good work, Mark, now go get a Steelie!

  3. The smile on that child is what it's all about.

  4. Great going! I put the smaller ones in the frying pan for instant gratification and the bigger ones in the smoker to sustain the pleasure.

  5. That munchkin with the fish is my nephew, Derek! A master angler in the making. Awesome job, Derek!