Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guess Who Part 2

OK, Mel already knew and Howard didn't hazard a guess so I'll tell you.

Bill Trussell (Fishing Through Life Blog) and his son, drove out to Marysville California so his son could get established at the hospital where he will be doing a "traveling nurse" stint for the next 3 months.   
Me & Bill
I wanted to give Bill a nice California welcome so I drove up to Marysville yesterday (not very far, only about 2 1/2 hours from home), met Bill and took him out to lunch. His son couldn't join us, but we brought him back food to keep his moving energy level up.

I also brought along a list of the websites for California Department of Fish & Game stocking, online fishing license, the place to find special fishing regulations, a couple of the local forums, and the USGS National Viewer site. With that information and my home phone number, by the time Bill and his wife get back out here in the summer, his son should be ready to show him all the good places for catching fish. I suspect we'll be meeting again, but this time to do some fishing since neither of us had any fishing equipment with us yesterday. Bill is flying back to Alabama today.

This other picture I took this morning on the way back from town. It's not every day you can follow an airplane driving down the street. 

The cockpit said experimental
Next week, we are expecting sunshine and blue skies all week. Daffodil Hill is opening next Friday (a sure sign of spring) and I saw three Robin red breasts this morning (another sign of spring), BUT as you know, until the snow falls on the Dogwoods it ain't over yet.



  1. Well I'll be danged. I forgot Bill was coming out. He's much younger than you isn't he Mark?

  2. Mark, you are such a wonderful host. I hope when the day comes that I visit Northern California, we can meet and spend some time on the water. Looking forward to your posts later this year when you and Bill are able to wet a line.

  3. Hi Mark
    Just got into Jasper about an hour ago, my wife picked me up at the airport in Birmingham----sooooo glad to be home----post coming tomorrow on our visit and of course the trip my son and I made—by the way the pic of me looks like I had something to drink beside water for lunch—just can’t keep those eyes from blinking when posing for a picture.

  4. Hey guys, great to see both of you. Now for some pics of "Bomber" trout.