Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Ain't Over Yet, Folks

An explanation of the title. I know you guys from Colorado and further east are sick of the snow. I know that that little ball of fur in Pennsylvania said no more winter, but you all know the lore here in California. Winter is not over until it snows on the Dogwood blooms. I hate to be a doomsayer, but there ain't flower one on the Dogwoods yet. Sorry. 

No Flowers
Decided to take a drive up the hill to see what's what. I haven't been in Cooks Station in months so that was my first stop. Coffee in hand, I headed to Bear River Reservoir. I hit snow below 6000 ft. Drove down to the lake and with the gate still closed, decided I'd supply you with pictures from the vista point up the highway.

Bear River. Low and still snow.

The hills are alive with....snow. No singing.

Since there was so much snow at Bear, I decided not to make the drive uphill any further. Turned around and pulled off at Cat Creek Rd. Thought I'd take a look at the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes since general trout seasons opens in about the month (last Saturday in April). After driving through several snow piles, some a foot deep, I rounded the bend and ran into this.

Snow as far as the eye can see.
Somebody had been through there, but not recently and not me today. I hung a Uie and headed back out. Back down the road and drove toward the same creek just down country a bit. No snow this time and made it to the bridge at PIPI Valley campground.

From the bridge downstream
From the bridge upstream
The pool right under the bridge
Couple of nice holding spots.
Got your attention yet? Your mouth drooling? Your fly rod hand twitching? You know those little rainbows and browns are just itching for your fly. Can I wait another month? It'll be hard, but I will persevere. Damn, I can't wait.

On the way down to the creek, I passed something that looked interesting.

Same creek, other side of the road.
I don't recall seeing this in the past and it might go dry in the summer, but maybe, just maybe I'll stick a fly in there come opening day. If anything happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

That's the post. I'm going up on the roof to clean the flue.



  1. Darn it, Mark, if you didn't live so far away, I would make you take me to the Consumnes on Opening Day. Boy, that is a beautiful trout stream!

    Wonderful picture tour and thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful little stream, so incredibly clear!!! Looks like you have some good water to hit on opening day. We are just waiting on the snow to melt over here in CO as well. Can't wait for the nice warm weather. Won't be long now before spring is truly here and not just teasing us...

  3. Great photos Mark.
    I would love to fish that stream.

  4. I'm in agreement with my Colorado buddies, that is a beautiful little stream. Damn, when is the warm weather coming?

  5. Oh my that water looks nice. You can keep the snow, I'll take the stream.