Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've Been Jinxed

Back on the 5th I mentioned that Howard (WDSTK3 Handcrafted lures) sent me the six lures below to try in the local lakes. Today I headed out to Lake Amador to give them a shot.

I got to the lake at 0830 and once I had one rod out with rainbow Power Bait, I started throwing the lures. I used a fan pattern and gave each lure about 10 casts each. Sixty casts later, I have to say it's not that there aren't any fish in this lake, it's that I've been jinxed.

I also threw all the colors of Kastmaster and all the colors of Rapala's in my tackle box.

Brings me back to the Steelhead on the American. Bouncing an egg imitation off it's nose and it wouldn't bite.

The jinx is so bad, I hang my head in shame being called a trout fisherman.

You believe that? I doubt it. I'm off to the "secret" lake this morning to see what's shaking. Maybe the six lures will work on those browns up there. I'll let you know tomorrow.



  1. Mark
    I know you are a big fan of the Power Bait. Is this the same thing we call down South "Crappie Nibbles"? I used these tipped on the hook of all my jigs when I am fishing for crappie. White is my most productive color. What color are you using for trout?

  2. Don't let the funk keep you down. I was there this winter...tough it out and you'll break free.

    You should have been chuckin some of those spinners on the American ;0)

  3. Don't feel pregnant happens to me quite often. The best fishing around here is on Lake Roosevelt in the winter time. Even at that, sometimes the only bite one gets is frostbite.

  4. Hang in there, Mark, at least you are getting plenty of time to be on the water fishing. Now, that can't be all bad...........

  5. Mark, it's not your skills. I think that lake has the infamous tuna drone scaring the fish off.

  6. are all being too nice...Has anyone ever seen a photo containing both Mark and a fish...didn't think so...but seriously...almost everyone gets "Skunkitice" once in a while...except me...
    Love ya,

    1. Hey G. I'm having a senior moment here. Who are you?

  7. Hey Mark,
    My buddy Dan and I fished next to you at Amador the day you tried your new lures. We were also skunked. Threw everything in our box at them but not even a bite. Out of the eight people fishing the bank in our vicinity, one guy caught one trout. Been there three times this season and haven't gotten a thing. A lot different than last year. Maybe our next trip will be better.

    Jim from Fiddletown