Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Choices, So Many Choices

I was rather depressed this morning (not sure why) when I left to go fishing. I wasn't going to make any decisions on where to go until I got to Starbucks and got a cup of coffee.  

I could go to New Melones, Lake Amador, Lake Pardee, or Lake Camanche. Here is how my thinking went. New Melones was too far away. Boy, I must have been depressed. Lake Amador is so low I wouldn't have any place to put my chair. More depression, I must have had it bad. Lake Pardee, no reports of anyone catching anything so we'll skip that one. Only one left is Lake Camanche.

Now the next decision was South Shore Trout Pond or North Shore Day Use Area? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I picked the North Shore in hopes I would have some place to put my chair. I ended up with the same spot I had the last time when I caught that 1lb. 15oz. rainbow. 

Put out two rods with rainbow Power Bait, one plain and the other with a couple of dabs of garlic scent.

While I was sitting, I read the lake conditions brochure and it explained why the lake continues to fill while the others are emptying at a rapid rate. The inflow from Lake Pardee (which feeds Camanche and both are owned by East Bay MUD) is 262 cfs (a pittance compared to the amount of the American when we fish for shad [4500cfs]) and the outflow is only 255cfs. Thus, slightly more coming in than going out. They consider the lake to be 82% full and I think you can see that in the picture below. Note the space between the lake and the green on shore. 

I took the pictures while I was waiting for something to lift my spirits. Thought you might enjoy them too.

Across from where I was sitting
To the left
While I was waiting for that spirit lifting event, I put my head back and using my sweatshirt hood as a pillow, took a 15 minute nap. Easy to do when you're old. I did sleep with one eye open and watching the lines just in case a fish decided to grace me with it's presence.   

Around 11:30 (three hours into the day) I finally got a bite. Turned out to be the one and only fish of the day, but it was a nice rainbow right around one pound. It went on the stringer for Bob.

Then looking behind me I noticed something moving in the water. When it surfaced, my first impression was the Loch Ness Monster in Lake Camanche?

Loch Ness Monster?????
OK, that was pretty lame I know. I know a scuba diver when I see one. Turns out that these two are part of the same guys that were there back on March 19th and the same ones that caught the 3 pounder.  

These three guys were in another scuba diving group doing a clear water dive as part of their training.
One of them is the instructor
Back to the other two, this was the haul from the second trip out. A very nice and mostly new, boat anchor that someone lost. They left all the lures and other assorted tackle out there.

Prize of the day.
It seemed that scuba divers were appearing everywhere. Thick as flies, they were.

Another one
OK, so he was part of the original two.

I ended up the day with just the one, but one means no skunk and I'll take it. Headed out around 12:30 for a bite of lunch at Micky D's. Depression was gone and my spirits were high as I drove home.



  1. Mark
    Beautiful lake you was fishing there, glad you was able to land a quality trout. By the way old is 80's and you are far that number-thanks for sharing

  2. Glad you found the cure--works for me, too. Hope you never hook up on one of those divers. The disappointment when you realized it wasn't a fish would be real hard to take.

  3. Is it just me or is a lake filling up in early april quite odd. what will they do when runoff begins...assuming you have that in CA.

    1. I'm not sure why EBMUD is not letting out water unless they are saving it for summer electric power. The lake that feeds this (Lake Pardee), also EBMUD is really low so it will take brunt of the run off although we don't have a very large snowpack this year.

    2. They hold back water for irrigation. We're In friggin desert. That and we haven't had a decent winter since 2010.

  4. Mark, I like how you always show views of the lakes you fish. If nothing else it sounded like an interesting day. How often do you see someone come dragging an anchor in?

  5. Nice lake and pics Mark - wish i was out there

  6. Great pictures mark. Fishing is VERY therapeutic. I have had a few days where I am down and the fresh air and great sights will lift my spirit right up! Glad it did the same for you!