Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally Firewood

You all remember the post from last July where I mentioned the loggers coming in and dropping six trees? You do, good. Well here's an update. Yesterday I cracked (very technical wood splitting term) the last piece. 
The beginning
Fire up that chainsaw
And, of course, the pile of rounds that had to be split.

From the side

From the front
You have to keep in mind that these two pictures are only HALF of what the pile ended up being. So I spent the last nine months splitting my little heart out. That is when weather and fishing allowed and here is the final result.

The first two pictures are from the stack that's drying for next winter. There are six rows, sixteen feet wide, and five feet high. The equivalent of six cord. 


From the side
The rest consists of approximately one additional cord.

The rest.
Under the tarp to the left in the picture is what I have left over from the past years. There are four rows, twenty feet long, and five feet high. For the most part, three of the four rows are still full. Under the tarp on the right is my splitter.

I think I'm set for the next few years. That's good because it allows me more time for FISHING.

Special milestone post next time. Tune in.



  1. That is a beautiful thing. We have no wood stove or fireplace at the new house--yet. So--dare I say it?--I miss all that good splitting.

  2. Mark
    I can remember when my younger brother and I split wood for the winter months. Those images brought back some fond memories.

  3. That my friend is a heap of work.

  4. splinters????


    1. Trust me Brother Glenn, I get more than my share of splinters.

  5. Can you imaging splitting all that without a splitter? Like they did in the old days?

    1. Before I had to rely on firewood to heat the house, I used to split it all by hand. I could never do it now.