Monday, April 15, 2013

Winter Is Over

OK, I'm going out on a limb here. The Dogwood Tree has a couple of flowers on it and this afternoon we got a little bit of hail.

UPDATE: Except in Colorado, the Mid-West, and North East.

Not exactly snow on the Dogwood blooms, but one needs to have a positive attitude when it comes to Winter ending.

The other day I got asked what the Dogwood looks like. Note I picked a picture right buy a nice stream.  

Dogwood Tree Blooms

the flowering dogwood tree is one of america s favorite trees its ...
Sorry for the blurred photo. It's off the Internet

The tree on the hill behind my house is probably three times the size of this one.

So, I'll go with Winter being over. Let's go fishing.



  1. Good to see perhaps Spring setting in down your way. In the midst of the worst winter storm of the season here in Northern Colorado today and expected to continue for a few more days. Can't complain, though, we will need all the water and moisture we can get. Let it snow!

  2. I'm glad it's Spring somewhere. As Mel said, Winter doesn't want to let go. As I sit here typing this, we have about 9 inches on the ground and still going. Two snow days in two weeks.

  3. Mark
    The Dogwoods are in full bloom here which of course means the crappie are running--I haven't found any even with the Dogwoods in all their glory

    1. I think this is going to be an odd year. Usually the tree is full of blooms, this year there are maybe 12. Strange.