Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fishing With A Pro

I had the opportunity to fish with someone I consider to be very, very good at fly fishing. I have fished with her in the past at Bear River Reservoir and PIPI Valley, but this time she wanted to me to give her some pointers. You see, Barbara has come to the Dark Side of the Force, she bought a Tenkara rod.  

Meet Barbara
Like I told her, there isn't anything mystical about fishing Tenkara. You just don't have a reel on your fly rod. You use the same flies, drift them the same way, and occasionally catch a fish.

We met at 0900 at Cat Creek Campground and once wadered up, fished the pool below the pool below the bridge. That's always the first stop o any fishing trip here. Barbara fished an Irresistible Adams and I fished the Paralyzer. We both had hits, but none that would stay on the hook.

After a while we moved upstream where Juan and I fished on the 19th. Again, we had hits, but nothing would stick. Note to self, put some glue on the hook. Just kidding.

Somewhere up the creek I managed to bring this one to hand after doing a short distance release (at my toes actually) of a small brown. 

First rainbow of the day.
Barbara bought a couple to hand and missed a bunch more. They are fast little buggers.

Another pool

After some thought about the fact that we were fishing right after the three day Memorial Day weekend it's no wonder we didn't find many fish. The campers probably fished the place to extinction. We did find a lot of trails through the grass from the path to the water.  

We fished maybe 3/4 of a mile and by then I started getting to the point where I was beginning to stumble when I walked. Years ago I had a small stroke and the more tired I get the easier I stumble, so when I get to that point it's time for me to call it quits.

Barbara continued to fish after I left and I'm sure she brought more to hand. There is no doubt in my mine that she knows what she's doing when she has a fly rod in her hand whether it's a regular fly rod or a Tenkara rod.

On the way back to the truck I took the following two pictures.

From under the bridge

From on top of the bridge
I'm not sure what the black stuff is in the water, but upon close inspection it looks alive. Sorry, but I didn't take a closer look. Anything that is black, in the water, and wiggles is not something I want to be closer to. I've watched too many movies on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Till next time.



  1. Mark
    Outstanding looking area you guys were fishing. Have you tried a walking staff. I never go wading without one anymore. Colorful rainbow you landed--thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill, like American Express I never leave home without it. It's what balances me until I get to the truck.

  2. Man, no matter what form of presenting the fly you choose, results matter.
    You had fun, and that rainbow is a real beauty.

  3. Who's the Pro, here?! You have done an excellent job getting folks out, Mark. Good on ya! Those little trouts sure are pretty. Take care -

  4. Nice, super glue keeps them on the best.

  5. I am thinking that looks like fun. However, I have enough bad fishing habits already. Thanks for sharing the stream, Mark.

  6. Nice going Mark. Always good to see a lady on the water even fishing Tenkara. (wink!)

  7. Great post Mark! Always love to see a fellow female angler! Must try this Tenkara rod you speak of. Seems like an awesome rod for backpacking when you run into small streams in the mountains...