Monday, May 6, 2013

The Real Fly, A Name Correction

Back on the 27th (Opening Day) I mentioned getting and using a fly from American Fly Fishing Company called Agressor. My error. Today I had to take a drive down to Sacramento to run a few errands and while there stopped in at American Fly Fishing Company ( you know I can't resist as long as I'm in town) to pick up a few more and find out the real name of the fly.

The fly is called Sloan's Paralyzer. The one I used on the 27th was orange, but all they had today were yellow and olive. I picked up a half dozen each in size 12 (Old guy, bad eyes) for the upcoming trip/s and the soon to be not so secret trip with a fellow blogger.

I'm not going to tell who it is until the day is over and I'll let him/her tell you the story. I love secrets.

The three pictures below are Sloan's Paralyzer. 

October Caddis Paralyzer

Yellow Paralyzer

Olive Paralyzer

Of course, I'm not waiting until then. I'll be out later this week and will let you know how it goes.

One last thing, I'm now a contributor to Sport Fishing Weekly and am publishing an article each week. The articles will be put online over the weekend, so if you're interested stop by at:

The first one is already there and you'll find the same fabulous (gag) writing you find here so take a look.

Till next time.



  1. Mark, that's a good looking bug. Looks kinda like a Stimulator tied parachute style. I might have to tie a few up in yellow to try during the yellow sally hatches...

  2. Either one of the three would take wild brookies.

  3. Great looking fly Mark. I happened to check out Sportfishingweekly a few hours ago and saw a couple of familiar names. Congrats on the gig.

  4. Mark, those are some particularly good looking dry flies. Should work on stream trout and often, too! Great multi-purpose dry pattern for a lot of situations.

    Secondly, appreciate the link and the heads up for Sport Fishing Weekly. More good reading and what looks like a fine resource for fishing information.


  5. I hope you post links to your articles on sportfishingweekly. Otherwise I will quickly forget about it...

  6. I'll have to check SportsFishingWeekly...looking forward to it.