Friday, June 28, 2013

Almost A Bakers Dozen

The plan for this morning was to fish the spot off the dam at Caples Lake and get out of the heat. One figures that it will be cooler at 7800 feet than it will be at 3200 feet.

I pulled out of the house at 0700 and after a quick stop for coffee at Cooks Station, I was back in the truck and "put the pedal to the metal". 

I arrived at the place I wanted to fish at 0801 and at 0805 I had two rods in the water with rainbow Power Bait and Pro-Cure garlic scent. Unfortunately the wind was blowing at 15 to 20 and it was almost impossible to keep a straight line even using a 1/2 ounce sinker. 

Windy with a good surface chop

Rods almost flat
I left the bait soaking for almost an hour and then I figured it was time to move. My thought process when something like this: If the wind was blowing down from Carson Pass in my face that fast then maybe it would be blowing from behind my back if I went over to Red Lake and I'd have less trouble with the line. It's a directional thing. 

When I got out of the truck at Red Lake, there was no wind at all. The lake was glass calm. Go figure. I went to my usual spot and with one rod out with rainbow Power Bait, I put a little (3/16th oz.) silver Kastmaster on my little Okuma.

It took one cast and this small Cutthroat was to hand. With catch and release in mind, you always want your hand to be wet, but bending over every time to get your hand wet when you're perched on some pretty good sized rocks becomes problematic, so to solve this problem I got a bucket out of the truck and filled it with water. Problem solved.

Small, maybe 8 inches
Just a short interruption of this narration to show you a moon shot.

Still visible at 11:00 am
And a picture of a green, Red Lake

Red Lake?

So named because of Red Mountain.

Pretty good view of Red Mountain
OK, back to fishing. It was one of those kind of days where every cast is a bump, a fish on and lost, or a fish brought to hand. They weren't big by any means, the biggest was maybe 11 inches, but the action was constant. There was at least a half dozen SDR at my toes. One I think was a Brookie because of the shape of it's mouth. I only got a half second glance at it before it swam away.

Most of the hits on Power Bait were ones I missed. For some reason, they would hit and then were gone. I was only using a pea sized ball of PB, but I only hooked one and missed a couple dozen other hits. I must be getting slow in my old age, or the fish are getting a lot faster.   

Now, my companion while I was fishing. This little Garter Snake came slithering out of the rocks and just laid there on the rock. I was talking to it, but snakes must not have ears because it never even looked at me.

Snakey little companion
Then it turned it's head in my direction, noticed I was there, and it's left eye got as big as a nickle. I could see the look on it's face that said "Shit a human" and then it dove into the water, swam five feet and slithered back into the rocks. So much for keeping me company.

I caught and released, caught and released, and caught and released more until about Noon. I tried to stay long enough to bring that 13th fish to hand, but it was not to be. At that point I was some where between well done and burnt to a crisp (high elevation, lots of UV rays) so I packed up and headed home.  

I settled for 12 brought to hand and a whole lot missed. Oh, there were two incidents where a couple of Cutthroats swam by me just five feet off shore that were in the 18 inch or maybe bigger range, but they wouldn't touch anything I offered.

Since the weekend will be spent on the remodel project and early next week (Tuesday is now supposed to hit 108 down in the Valley) I'm spending most of the time hugging the air conditioner, I probably won't get out until the latter part, but I think I'm going to try to hit Rancho Seco Lake in the Float Tube Cumberland and see if I can rustle up some Bluegills or Crappie.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Had To Put Ths Out Here

A young guy from 
North Carolina moves to Florida and goes to a big
"everything under one roof" department store looking for a job.

The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says
... "Yeah. I was a vacuum salesman back in North Dakota."

Well, the boss was unsure, but he liked the kid and figured he'd give
him a shot, so he gave him the job.

"You start tomorrow. I'll come down after we close and see how you did."

His first day on the job was rough, but he got through it. After the
store was locked up, the boss came down to the sales floor.

"How many customers bought something from you today?" The kid frowns
and looks at the floor and mutters, "One". The boss says "Just one?!!?
Our sales people average sales to 20 to 30 customers a day.

That will have to change, and soon, if you'd like to continue your
employment here. We have very strict standards for our sales force
here in Florida. One sale a day might have been acceptable in North
Dakota, but you're not on the farm anymore, son."

The kid took his beating, but continued to look at his shoes, so the
boss felt kinda bad for chewing him out on his first day. He asked
(semi-sarcastically), "So, how much was your one sale for?"

The kid looks up at his boss and says "$101,237.65".

The boss, astonished, says $101,237.65?!? What the heck did you sell?"

The kid says, "Well, first, I sold him some new fish hooks. Then I
sold him a new fishing rod to go with his new hooks. Then I asked him
where he was going fishing and he said down the coast, so I told him
he was going to need a boat, so we went down to the boat department
and I sold him a twin engine Chris Craft. Then he said he didn't think
his Honda Civic would pull it, so I took him down to the automotive
department and sold him that 4x4 Expedition."

The boss said "A guy came in here to buy a fish hook and you sold him
a boat and a TRUCK!?" The kid said "No, the guy came in here to buy
tampons for his wife, and I said, 'Dude, your weekend's shot, you
should go fishing........

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When In Doubt, Wander

A lot of people have been urging me to fish at West Point. OK, this morning I went to fish at West Point. I suppose I should tell you what West Point is. West Point is a small town a few miles South of Pioneer. Pioneer is a across the hill from where I live. Now keep in mind that across the hill can be anywhere from 2 to 20 miles. Pioneer is about 8 miles.

With a Google Map in hand, I set out, stopping at the donut shop for coffee (no donuts, I'm on a diet), and then headed up the road. Just so happens that the road to West Point is also the road that crosses the Middle Fork of the Mokelumne where I fished last August.   

Middle Fork of the Mokelumne

Caught this little jewel there on a Stimulator

If you recall the post from back then, I referred to this area as prime Mountain Goat territory. Since I didn't bring my Mountain Goat shoes today, I decided to continue the drive because I've never been to West Point and wanted to see what it looked like. It looks like a small town, nothing more.

So I did what any normal (am I normal?) fisherman would do and that is keep going and see what I could find. Some miles later, I found myself out in the middle of nowhere wandering down a paved road and being paved it had to go somewhere.

Some 18 miles later the paved road ended at a Forest Service complex. I've got to say it was nicely kept up for so far back in the nowhere. I drove in, did a 180, and headed back out and that's when I saw it.What was it?

IT, was a sign that said Blue Creek 4 miles that way. Hell, I'd done 18, another 4 would be nothing except it was now a dirt road. I've got nothing against a good dirt road even after 2 days of rain, so I went "that way".

Four miles was a stretch, it turned out to only be 2.7. I found a good spot to pull off the road and since I had no idea if there was fish or not, grabbed my Tenkara rod and walked down to the creek.  

The initial sighting downstream
Then upstream
It looked promising, there could be fish there, it looked fishy, but that was as far as it went. Floated a size 12 Paralyzer upstream, downstream, right under my nose and nothing. My hopes were bashed. But being the diehard fisherman, I moved downstream to the next place I could access the creek (the bushes were all over the place). It is sometimes hard to maneuver a 12 foot rod when the bushes are all over the creek. Note to self: look into a nice, short, 3 wt for places like this.

The next place I stopped had a nice little pool below, if I remember correctly, a rock dam, might have been a concrete dam of some sort, but I just can't remember. Must have been a Senior Moment. 

Dam of some sort
Once again my hopes of fish were dashed. Not a fish to be found and that looked like a great spot for fish. Again I moved downstream and stopped, after stomping through all sorts of (wet) bushes (remember it rained for the last two days), at this little run.

Four dead drifts of the Paralyzer and four hits. Elated I continued to drift, but that was it. They all looked like small, maybe 5 or 6 inch Rainbows and a lot faster than I was. I attempted to move further downstream, but couldn't find an access to the creek and since I hadn't put on my waders, headed back to the truck to see if I could fish upstream.

On that side of the road, I had the same trouble with bushes. You just couldn't get to the stream so I gave up. I'll come back another day and bring my chainsaw with me. That should take care of the bush problem. Just kidding....

Once back into the truck I continued down the road hoping I'd find another stream, but the road split and looking at my $20.00 Forest Service map, discovered I was out in the middle of nowhere, by myself and thought it might be a good idea (since I hadn't seen another soul all day) to head back the way I came.

Before I go into the boot picture below, let me explain about the $20.00 Forest Service map. You don't think I actually paid $20.00 for a map, do you? When You apply for a wood cutting permit, the cost is based on $10.00 per cord cut and a minimum of two cords allowed per permit or a total of $20.00. With the permit, you get this handy dandy Forest Service map that tells you where you can and can not cut.Thus the $20.00 map, but it also shows you all the roads (paved, gravel, and dirt) in the forest.

On the way out, I noticed the boot in the picture below sitting on a rock, on the side of the road. I'm assuming someone lost it out of their car or truck, but didn't know where. So, if you're a local and have lost a Cabela's size 13D with a felt sole, let me know at and I'll tell you where you can find it.     

A lost and lonely boot
Not a complete success, skunked, but promising. Maybe later in the week I'll head uphill and try that place at Caples where I had that one fish on that got all tangled in the other line.

I mentioned in the last post that Monday was going to be 104, well the weather guessers have revised their guess. now it's 105 on Monday and 106 on Tuesday. Think I'll hug my air conditioner for a couple days. Not here, down in the valley. Here, maybe 100 or so.

Till next time, stay cool.   


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Phew, That Was Ugly

It started a week ago. My laptop would not shut down. It would go into sleep mode, but when I tried to shut it down it just ignored me.

Then yesterday when I tried to access the start menu all I got was an on going search. No shut down and searching FOREVER.

So I did the only thing sensible, I waited for the IT Babe to get home and fix it.

She had to do a restore (I don't know half of what she's talking about, I get lost in all that IT stuff) back to the 19th. She said something about a Java update, but again I know nothing.

It took about three hours (during which I fixed dinner and we watched some TV) and by bedtime I was back online.

So even though I didn't go fishing yesterday because it was pouring out and you know I melt in the rain (sugar is like that. OK no barfing) I'm BAAAAAAACK.

I'm going to hit a new area tomorrow and by the weekend, you ready for this? 104 by Monday, ouch.... It's be nice to your air conditioner day.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heads Or Tails????

On this last day of Spring 2013 I had to make a choice. I was going fishing, the question was where?

When I did my presentation to the Amador Fly Fishing Club on Tuesday (it went really good) they mentioned that they were doing a fish out today at Bear River Reservoir. You know, fly fishing, float tubes, kayaks, and all that good stuff plus fishing with a bunch of great people.

So why the problem? You see, Upper Blue Lakes has been calling me for about two weeks now and today the call was stronger than ever. I broke down and did the democratic thing, I flipped a coin and Upper Blue Lakes won.

I headed out at just after 0700 with the understanding that the temperature at Lake Tahoe (elevation 6224) was 27 degrees. This would make Upper Blue Lakes (elevation 8100) just a bit colder.

Got to the lake around 0900 (yes I stopped at Cooks Station for Coffee) and put out two rods with just plain rainbow Power Bait. At this point I'd like to mention that it was cold, really cold. Almost immediately I started getting hits, but when I set the hook, nothing. After five or six of these, I just let the fish gum it or mouth it or what ever they do and after a half hour of that (maybe two minutes tops) I set the hook and again, nothing.

At 10:00 I left the rods in the water and walked up the hill to the truck and fetched a PB&J on an English Muffin and a couple of chocolate granola bars. By the time I got back to the rods one was jumping pretty good so I picked it up and set the hook. The first rainbow planter came to hand (11 inches) and was put on the stringer.

Before I go any further I want to mention I met a new fishing friend Ray and his Granddaughter Lindsay (I apologize if I spelled it wrong) who live in Pine Grove just over the hill from where I live. I also have to mention that Lindsay was fishing the pants off Ray in fact when I left it was Lindsay 8, Ray 0. Hurray for the kids.  

Back to catching. Between 10:00 and 11:30 I added four more to the stringer all eleven or twelve inches. These are all put and take stockers so I didn't feel bad about taking them. Besides, it's been a long time since I gave Bob (I plow for fish) any and I want to make sure I can get my driveway plowed when it snows the next time.

Since five is all they allow you, I packed up and hit the road. Now I know you've seen pictures of Upper Blue Lake before so if you want to pass over them, go for it

Across and a little to the right

The dam area

Down the shore to the left.
Just to show you a really do catch fish on occasion.

Yours truly
And finally, on the way out I stopped in the middle of the road and took this picture of the meadow. Don't worry there isn't much traffic on this road.

That's it for this trip. Till next time. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

A Wandering I Will Go

Give me a good vehicle, a tank of gas, and I'll end up somewhere. This morning I was looking for some small creeks that I could include in my presentation on fishing small streams in Amador, Alpine, and El Dorado Counties tomorrow at the Amador Fly Fishers monthly meeting. 

Having been given some information on another "Secret Lake" I figured it would be a good time to check that out (which I found) and see if there were some small creeks in the same area that would work for my presentation.

On the way, I came across this water flume. It was such an optical illusion I had to show you. It looks like the water is running uphill. 

Water is running downhill.
The picture below is one of the many canyons along the road. There is a creek down there somewhere. I don't think I'd like to hike down to the bottom to find it.

After 20 some miles I finally came to the dam at Salt Springs Reservoir. I've never made it out here before and if you'll remember the trip last year Here where I ran into the cows, this is where I was headed. 

Dam at Salt Springs Reservoir
When you leave the base of the dam and climb the road to the top, I noticed this huge granite rock outcropping. I thought it worthy of a picture.

Granite outcropping
When you get to the top of the dam, all you have is a little spot that will hold a half dozen cars and a stinky toilet. 
Parking lot at the dam
Once you walk up the little hill to the access point to the lake, the only way you can get around this lake is on foot. There is are no other roads near the lake other than the one I just came up. 

From the access point to the lake.
Now this is the part I found interesting. From where I'm standing in the picture above you can see how hard it would be to get to the lake and keep in mind that the DFG stocks this lake. Yet, on a similar sign like the one below, there is a notation about using a boat on this lake and making sure it is properly registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. It even gave an explanation of what type of boat needs and doesn't need to be registered. 

How in the living hell are you going to get a boat (motors are allowed except at the far end) in this lake when there is no launch facility and not even any access to the lake? But make sure your boat is properly registered before you put it into the water. HOW????

On the way out, I shot this picture of the rock face that was blasted out for the construction of the dam.

I did find a bunch of creeks and took pictures, but I'm going to hold them for another post and because I'm using them tomorrow for the presentation and don't want to give anything away.

Till next time.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

A New Place, Well Sort Of

I had no other plans this morning than to drive straight to Caples Lake. OK, I did stop for coffee at Cooks Station. I don't think I've mentioned in the past that other than good coffee, they also have really good food. They make a killer breakfast burrito that's even too much for me to eat.

Arrived at Caples at 0830 and planned to fish the sandy side of the spillway, but after a pit stop drove over to the dead tree. I didn't include any pictures because you've seen them all several times before.

Two hours of floating a mini-crawler off the bottom with a couple of white Power Eggs and a little injected air, then a mini-crawler under a bobber, and soaking rainbow Power Bait with out a look, I packed up and decided to fish a new place. First choice was the near side of the dam because I haven't fished there in about three years.

Of course the place I wanted to fish was filled so I passed by and went out to the tip of the peninsula. I've never fished here before and the only thing I could see that was detrimental was the depth of the water. It was a bit shallow out about fifty feet.

Now the problem you have when you fish with a bobber and it's windy (it's always windy at Caples) is keeping the bobber in the water and not hugging the shore. I solved this problem by fishing with the wind behind me. It's so simple even a caveman could do it.

With a mini-crawler under a bobber on one rod and rainbow Power Bait on the other, I parked in the red camping chair, in the sun. It was a bit nippy up there (elevation 7806) this morning and the sun felt good. Since I hadn't been in this part of the lake (it would be considered half way to the back of the lake) I snapped a bunch of shots for your viewing pleasure. I'll let the captions explain where and what they are.      

Directly behind where I was sitting

OK, I think you have this one.
That little spot of beige to the left of center is the public launch.
From the tip of the peninsula to the back of the lake
Still a little snow way up high (around 9000 ft)
Back toward the resort on the other side of the peninsula
The dam (not to be confused with the spillway)
Just a rocky mountain face. Note not many trees up there.
An hour after I got here, I put out one rod with rainbow PB and some sweet corn and the other with rainbow PB and garlic. In less than fifteen minutes I got the first and only hookup of the day on the garlic. It was a good sized Rainbow. Jumped a couple of times, pulled the drag a couple of times and then managed to tangle up the line with the other rod so that when it took off again, it broke the line. When I looked at the broken end it looked like the break was at the swivel, so maybe a bad knot.

At 12:30 I was hungry enough to pack up and head down the road a couple miles to Kirkwood Inn (where Juan and I ate when he was up) for a burger and fries with plans to come back for another go. When I got there, they had some construction going on inside and the only way to get anything to eat was via the patio and it was so crowded with tourists I just passed. I could drive all the way home and eat in the time it would have taken to get something from them and probably better for me than a greasy burger and fries too.

That's it, one hookup and a fumbled fight. maybe next time.     


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Persistence Doesn't Always Pay Off

I was down in Sacramento a week or so ago and stopped by the American River where we fish for Shad, but I didn't say anything because all I did was look at the river. The output from Natomas Dam at the time was 1500 cfs coming off a long stretch of 1000 cfs releases.

For Shad to come up the river in good numbers the outflow should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 4000cfs to 5000cfs. For the last three or four days the flow has been increased to 2500cfs and since I had to go down anyway, what better reason to wander over and take a peek.

There seemed to be enough water for a fish or two to make it upriver so I grabbed my spinning rod and net and walked to the "spot". On the way (it's about a quarter mile or more) I passed a guy on a bike who was riding up and down the river looking for schools. He wasn't seeing any which was not a good sign.

I kept going anyway. When I got to the "spot" I started swinging the pink grub we use and after 25 or so swings, set the rod down and picked up the camera.    

In the picture below (you need to double click and make it larger) to the right of the bush on the left and across the river is a triangle shaped bush. That is known as the sneaker tree. It seems that rafters going down the river stop by that tree and tie a sneaker to it. For what reason, I have no idea except somebody started and the rest followed. 

I took a shot across the river and in this photo you can see how shallow the river is. The water is a foot deep and should be three or four feet.

In this one, the gravel on the bottom right should be two feet or more underwater if the flows were where they are supposed to be.
When one is casting for Shad, one becomes oblivious to one's surroundings. This was brought to my attention when I made a cast and a fish (could have been a Steelhead or a Salmon) about 26 inches long bolted as I cast. It was swimming a foot off my foot and I didn't even see it until it jetted. Note to self, PAY ATTENTION........

OK, last thing, the picture below is a flock of mute geese. Yes, I said mute geese. I've never known a goose (and God knows I've seen plenty) to shut up. Know what I mean? This flock never mumbled a sound the whole time it was within sight. I have no other explanation than that they were mute. Wonder if they were deaf too. Oh never mind.

Mute Geese
Shad wise, nada. I did come across one guy as I was leaving that caught one early in the morning, but that was it. There is still plenty of time to try again if the water release gets up where it should be. If not, maybe Shad season is over. Time will tell.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Where Do You Go Fishing When It's Hot?

I mentioned on Wednesday that it was going to be hot this weekend. The weather guessers have changed their guess a little making today still around 104, but only 106 tomorrow instead of 108. I just went out on NOAA and they said the high for today at La Casa Kautz should be 92. When I was on the back porch and looked at the thermometer it was already 94 and it's only Noon:45.

I had a couple of hours to hit one of the lakes this morning and with Caples Lake (Elevation 7806) in mind I headed up the hill. I stopped (This should not be a surprise to you any more.) at Cooks for coffee and in talking to the people was reminded that this is the weekend for the Bear River Reservoir's spring (if you can call 100 degrees spring) fishing derby. Oooh that means they stocked the lake.

Now, a smart person would go HIGH because of the heat, so being the smart person I am, I went to Bear River (Elevation 5850). OK, so I'm not so smart. 

I got there at 0830 and with the place packed to capacity I wandered down to the spot I usually fish. Why there was nobody there I have no clue.

One rod out with rainbow Power Bait and a little sweet corn bait scent (might as well just go for the throat) and a gold Kastmaster on the little Okuma, I went to work.

Here's what happened, nothing. Nothing on the Power Bait, nothing on the Kastmaster. OK, change of plans. One rod with plain rainbow Power  Bait and a rainbow pink Kastmaster on the other.

The first fish to come to hand was a nice 11 inch stocker on the Power Bait. Nothing I'd consider a derby winning fish. Second fish was a small 8 incher on the pink Kastmaster. The third and fourth fish I'm not even going to mention because they were so small they make the ones from Cat Creek look like lunkers. Oh, they came on a night crawler under a bobber. Couldn't figure out why the bobber kept dipping and I couldn't hook one. Now I know why, the hook was too big. Once I switched from a size 6 to a size 10 the two little ones I'm not going to mentioned came to hand.

While I was fiddling with the first fish one of the guys over on the dam had apparently hooked a good sized one, but couldn't get it up to the top. Guys should look into a pier net if they plan to continue fishing off the dam when the water is down where it was today.   

When the lake is full, the water is up to the dark line.
As usual when I'm standing or sitting around with my finger up my nose (that means I have nothing to do at that time, not that I actually stick my finger up my nose) I took a couple of pictures of the lake just like the ones you've already seen a dozen times.

Another across the lake shot.
Because I was on a time constraint with the furniture move this afternoon, I packed up and headed home at 11:30. It's nice to be able to run up the road the 20 miles to the lake and fish for a couple of hours and then just run back home.

In the picture below you can see the obstacle the guys on the dam were working with. You can also see how easy it would be to net a fish with a pier net. That's not the reason I took this picture though. I took it for two reasons. One, while the guy with the fish held it against the dam (and it must have been a pretty good sized one) while one of the other guys walked down the front of the dam holding a rope and brought the fish back to the top. I missed that action, but I did ask them if they would do it again so I could take a picture. Wonder why they laughed so hard?

The second reason I took the picture was the gentleman next to me said that was where the beer was. Had I been a consumer of adult beverages, I just might have joined them up top. 

This is where the beer was.
Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back on the water next week.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Change Of Seasons

For those of you looking for a post about fishing, now is the time to bail.

First I'm going to talk about a phenomenon I first learned about in Minnesota back 30 years or so. Most people like to think that there are four seasons, but in truth there are really only two. Winter and road repair.

This phenomenon is true in most states, but more so in those states that experience that dreaded white stuff called snow. See, if you are in an area that doesn't experience snow then your road repair department (here in California it's called Cal-Trans [California Department of Transportation]) can screw up your commute any time of the year.

But what this post is about is the two seasons I experience here at La Casa Kautz and those are Winter and remodeling. Once again we have moved into the remodeling season because it's going to be hotter than hell for the next week or so. Kind of stupid, but it is what it is. We will not suffer quite as badly as they will down in the Sacramento Valley. Here is what they are expecting: Thursday upper 90's, Friday 104, Saturday 108, Sunday hot, Monday hot, Tuesday hot. OK you get the picture.

So I pick (with the help of my son) this weekend to kick off the next remodeling project. When we moved into La Casa Kautz in the Summer of 2004 it was listed at a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house. When you remove my wife's sewing room and the nerve center of Northern California Trout, it now becomes a 0 bedroom, 2 bath house so....... the downstairs area, that is now our bedroom (and I might note that it is about 15 degrees cooler than upstairs), will not be classified a bedroom until there is a closet. As in most places, if the room doesn't have a closet it can not be classified a bedroom even though we have a closet in the area (kind of a walkway) next to the bedroom. 

Besides when I get this done, I can have it changed to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath and it will be worth more because when the real estate crash occurred the value of the house took a dump just like everybody's.  
So I'm taking off the Shoreman hat (only for the weekend) and putting on the Remodeling Mark hat and away I go. 

Not sure if I'm going to build the closet (I can do that, I have the tools and I'm not afraid to use them) or go the IKEA route, but I'll keep you informed.

Step 1, moved around all the furniture so the area for the closet is clear. That's the plan for this weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Big Milestone

I've been watching the stats for a while because they were getting close to somewhere I never imagined they would be.

When I changed from the URL to there were just over 50,000 hits. When I transferred the information to the new site they didn't carry over with the rest of the information.

This morning the hits are just over 50,000.

That is over 100,000 hits on Northern California Trout. I am flabbergasted.

All I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to each and every one of you that visit this site and read what I write.

All I can hope for is that in the coming years I can continue to keep your interest and you'll want to keep coming back.  

Thank you to those, all over the world, from the nerve center of Northern California Trout in beautiful downtown (actually the suburbs if Volcano, population 103, has suburbs) Volcano, California.

OK, I'm done being mushy.