Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heads Or Tails????

On this last day of Spring 2013 I had to make a choice. I was going fishing, the question was where?

When I did my presentation to the Amador Fly Fishing Club on Tuesday (it went really good) they mentioned that they were doing a fish out today at Bear River Reservoir. You know, fly fishing, float tubes, kayaks, and all that good stuff plus fishing with a bunch of great people.

So why the problem? You see, Upper Blue Lakes has been calling me for about two weeks now and today the call was stronger than ever. I broke down and did the democratic thing, I flipped a coin and Upper Blue Lakes won.

I headed out at just after 0700 with the understanding that the temperature at Lake Tahoe (elevation 6224) was 27 degrees. This would make Upper Blue Lakes (elevation 8100) just a bit colder.

Got to the lake around 0900 (yes I stopped at Cooks Station for Coffee) and put out two rods with just plain rainbow Power Bait. At this point I'd like to mention that it was cold, really cold. Almost immediately I started getting hits, but when I set the hook, nothing. After five or six of these, I just let the fish gum it or mouth it or what ever they do and after a half hour of that (maybe two minutes tops) I set the hook and again, nothing.

At 10:00 I left the rods in the water and walked up the hill to the truck and fetched a PB&J on an English Muffin and a couple of chocolate granola bars. By the time I got back to the rods one was jumping pretty good so I picked it up and set the hook. The first rainbow planter came to hand (11 inches) and was put on the stringer.

Before I go any further I want to mention I met a new fishing friend Ray and his Granddaughter Lindsay (I apologize if I spelled it wrong) who live in Pine Grove just over the hill from where I live. I also have to mention that Lindsay was fishing the pants off Ray in fact when I left it was Lindsay 8, Ray 0. Hurray for the kids.  

Back to catching. Between 10:00 and 11:30 I added four more to the stringer all eleven or twelve inches. These are all put and take stockers so I didn't feel bad about taking them. Besides, it's been a long time since I gave Bob (I plow for fish) any and I want to make sure I can get my driveway plowed when it snows the next time.

Since five is all they allow you, I packed up and hit the road. Now I know you've seen pictures of Upper Blue Lake before so if you want to pass over them, go for it

Across and a little to the right

The dam area

Down the shore to the left.
Just to show you a really do catch fish on occasion.

Yours truly
And finally, on the way out I stopped in the middle of the road and took this picture of the meadow. Don't worry there isn't much traffic on this road.

That's it for this trip. Till next time. 



  1. Mark, this just tickled me. I've never figured out how the fish can steal your Powerbait, salmon egg or whatever and never get hooked. If you figure it out let me know.

    1. They bite down and bust the bait loose,then open their mouth before you can set the hook. Only thing I can figure out.

  2. I like the looks of that lake. And of that stringer. Nice job, but it sounds like Lindsay outfished you, too.

    1. Hi Jim. Difference is 2 of them fishing = 10 fish, 1 of me fishing = 5 fish. She was just catching them all.

  3. Mark
    nice catch. The last day of spring, and we have a heat wave on the door step.

  4. I don't recall seeing any past pictures of Blue Lakes area, therefore, I am very impressed with what I see. Sure a beautiful water! Looks like Bob has got some work to do next time it snows much. Good job on the stringer full.

  5. Blue lakes looks great! Nice pictures! Good job on the stringer!

  6. PB&J on an english muffin? Interesting.

  7. What gorgeous scenery to fish at! I am jealous. Makes me want to move from Kansas pronto!

  8. Hopefully I can get my first California rainbow at Huntington next week. Nice to see your stringer full.