Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Phew, That Was Ugly

It started a week ago. My laptop would not shut down. It would go into sleep mode, but when I tried to shut it down it just ignored me.

Then yesterday when I tried to access the start menu all I got was an on going search. No shut down and searching FOREVER.

So I did the only thing sensible, I waited for the IT Babe to get home and fix it.

She had to do a restore (I don't know half of what she's talking about, I get lost in all that IT stuff) back to the 19th. She said something about a Java update, but again I know nothing.

It took about three hours (during which I fixed dinner and we watched some TV) and by bedtime I was back online.

So even though I didn't go fishing yesterday because it was pouring out and you know I melt in the rain (sugar is like that. OK no barfing) I'm BAAAAAAACK.

I'm going to hit a new area tomorrow and by the weekend, you ready for this? 104 by Monday, ouch.... It's be nice to your air conditioner day.



  1. 104 by monday! that is terrible! summer is coming back with a vengeance!

  2. Glad you got back online with little or no blood loss. I'm cold here; 104 sounds good. We're going to get some of that.

  3. Happy to hear the "IT" lady did a good number on your laptop. Gonna' need it handy when it is 104 outside along with a cold beverage.

  4. It's going to be in the mid 90s this weekend and I can't wait to run up to the hills and stand in the cold water.

  5. Mark
    Sounds like a big time virus there on the laptop--Jason said he can't get use to no rain out that way--he says he can't remember when there was rain in Marysville--104 is toooo high for me

  6. Mark, computers scare the hell out of me especially if there's a problem. Glad your back.